A few of my favourite things: about Christmas!

December is here! And this year i'm feeling SUPER festive, i don't know if it's something in the air, or because this year's been so crap that i need an excuse to cheer myself up, but i'm as excited as buddy the elf. being this excited has made me think about what i really love most about Christmas and just what it is that makes me so happy...

Of course the day itself is really special; spending time with family, the constant conveyor belt of food (especially cheese and wine in the evening), the board games and classic festive films and Christmas specials that make TV Gold.

As you get older the presents become insignificant (apart from the ones you give to others of course) and more about HOW the day is spent. whether it's staying in your pyjamas until noon or going for an early morning walk before the cooking commences. whether you open your presents at midnight because of tradition, or wake up before the rest of the household to munch the carrot and mince pie left for Santa and his reindeer..

But my absolute favourite thing about Christmas is the build up to it, each town transforms into a twinkling, jolly place filled with the aroma of German sausages, mulled wine and spices. The streets are bustling, and the shop windows have such decadent displays. I love the Christmas cheer that's spread throughout the entire month and even in my days of working in retail, everyone has a bit of a glow about them.

The jolly-ness has already started spreading at work too which fills me with warm fuzziness! I'd love to hear your favourite things about Christmas time. Maybe we should start a # on twitter?! #favouritethingsaboutchristmas ? #christmastime ? eh!

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