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It's been a while i've lived in the current flat and i'm simply not in love with it as much as the first place when initially moving to Bournemouth. So i've been thinking of ways that i can really jazz up the place and make it an environment that nurtures my soul and creativity. So of course i've taken to Pinterest for some inspiration, starting with the bedroom. I've already moved the furniture around a bit to how I like it and there's so much more space! 

I've always wanted one of those French door style room dividers, I always think of Classic Disney movies like Cinderella and Mulan when I see one and it would be a perfect place to hang my outfits for work the next day without getting dumped on 'the chair'.

I've also always loved the idea of having a huge vintage style mirror, just look how pretty this is! It would really compliment the back wall in the bedroom and make it look so much bigger. 

I'm also in a bit of a dilemma with storage, currently using under my bed to store of my belongings and unfortunately the bulky Hoover doesn't fit under there aha! I'd quite like a tall cupboard like this:

One side with no shelves, perfect to store the odds and bobs like the ironing board, hoover and bed sheets...

Speaking of which, I really love this blue pattern. The idea of blue and pastel colours in the bedroom is perfect in my opinion. 

And general decor being an abundance of plants, fluffy blankets, cushions and even a rug. Something a long the lines of this:

In my dream bedroom, i'd love a chaise (a girl can dream right?). I can just imagine a lazy afternoon to myself, getting comfortable to read a book or work on my blog goals. Something like this would be the perfect chill out spot:

Of course this is my ideal bedroom, and will take me a long time to achieve, but i always find making boards and visual 'scrap books' really therapeutic, a way to illustrate my style and creativity and of course express your personality. Bedz R Us, thinks your bedroom can say a lot about your pesronality too, so i took their quiz for a bit of fun, who doesn't like a good personality quiz?! Find out what your room says about you HERE.

What do you think? You can find over on my home decor board on Pinterest!
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