A Letter to Myself

I'll start off saying everything is going to be okay, because I know that what you need to hear. This is the toughest thing you'll ever have to go through... I hope, so stay brave. 

You're surrounded by positive and warm people who love and care about you, don't be afraid to ask them for help, and know that one day you'll be there for them in the hour of need too.

It's okay to put your pride aside and admit that you don't always have your shit together, and for a while you may not have your shit together but you will get through this, with grace and dignity. You will hold your head high and be a shining example of how no matter how low or hopeless someone feels, they can let go of a bad thing and find happiness too. No matter how far away it seems, it's coming.

There's no need for lies, games and drama, a quieter life is an easy life. Just don't care what anyone thinks of you, because the only person who's got o live with your decisions and choices is you. Only let yourself be the judge of you. But don't be your harshest critic or worst enemy, you're going to have lonely nights so be your own best friend and always see the positive, if you don't see it, seek it.

Be an inspiration to others, to your son, to other mothers and to people who are going through bad times.

You may have concrete walls built up around you but underneath that is a fractured and fragile glass so don't forget to take care of yourself. Stop smoking so much. Go for long walks. Stop slouching. Exercise. Speak to the ocean. Eat better. Meditate. Take more pictures. Give your boy a thousand kisses and hugs every day. Be his heroin. 

Don't be afraid of change, live for it, because it's the only thing guaranteed in life. Grow where you are planted, blossom and spread your nurturing seeds far and wide to light up the world. 

Stay focused love, and never regret making a brave decision. There will be tough times ahead, but I hope you don't ever feel like your alone, because you're not. Those people that I mentioned earlier that love and care about you, your probably in their dreams right now and their spare thoughts wanting you to be okay. And in your moments of weakness read this again and know that you will get through this.