Oleo Skincare*

Before we moved home along with it my internet and my ability to keep up with the blog, i was sent a pair of glorious products courtesy of Oleo Bodycare and have quite simply fallen in love with them along with the brand itself.

Oleo Skin and Bodycare

Let me tell you why! First of all, the brand is based in Dorset, first tick as i really like to support small local businesses, second of all all the products are hand-made by a qualified aromatherapist. If you read my recent post on creating a spa at home, you know how much i value aromatherapy in the home, so for it to be infused in body care is just a dream! And just look at their brand belief: 

'We firmly believe that our formulations must benefit mind, body and wellbeing, using high quality essential oils, herbs, vegetable oils and extracts.'
Not to mention that their ingredients are free from; harmful parabens, synthetic fragrances and colours, SLS and mineral oils. Oh and they're cruelty free too! I'm always chuffed to hear from brands that share the same values as me and are in line with my ethics, just perfect!

Anyway, on to the good stuff. I was lucky enough to chose the products i wanted to try out from their website, and it's safe to say i was absolutely spoilt for choice. They've got something for hair, body, feet and hands, bath, shower and massage. Honestly it took me a good while to decide which two i had to go for and i know i'll definitely be purchasing more very soon, as i'd love to try their face products!

What i really loved about both the shower gel and the body lotion is the scents are really gorgeous, they're not overpowering in any way but it's enough to have the desired effect.

Having worked at Lush for years and thinking that lather could only be created using SLS (so stupid right?!) i was really surprised and impressed with the lather of the shower gel, it's a really soft gentle lather which is quite addictive to use! Saying that you only need a small nut sized amount to wash from top to toe.

Oleo Shower Gel

As for the lotion, it's the perfect texture and consistency, it doesn't leave the skin sticky. A few pumps will reach my whole body and for me with drier skin it moisturises all day, so i don't get that horrible tight feeling later on. Having been through many, many, many many moisturizers and body lotions from birth because of my dry skin i know a thing or two about body care and this ticks all the boxes. I prefer a sweeter smelling body lotion but i can't complain as it contains frankincense which has amazing benefits on the skin, mind and body, take a look at their blog post to find out more about frankincense.

Oleo Body Lotion

I've still got about a third of each product to use which is really good as i've been using them pretty much every day. I can't wait to finish these and try out some more from the range.

Oh and if you're tempted they currently have 20% off body lotions during August!

Do you use natural and cruelty free skincare? I'd love to discover more brands like this so please let me know of any in the comments!

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