Going Internet Free | What I Learnt

It's no secret that we're bombarded with information on a daily basis, and most of us are looking at a screen the majority of the time which can become a little overwhelming at times, especially with my new job being desk based where i'm often sitting in front of a screen! Going without the internet is something i wanted to challenge myself to, often thinking of rules in the house to go by to make sure we switch off and always making it my mission to spend time in nature and be in the present moment. Even though i was trying to adopt these habits before, actually having no choice in the matter to go without taught me a few things.

It was my own fault really for not being organised enough to contact my broadband provider BEFORE we moved home to get our internet switched over *sigh*. So my internet ban was involuntary and a little frustrating, and although i had a very limited amount of 4G and connected to the wifi at work, there was practically no time at all spent online. and this is what happened:

And this is what i learnt:
Those are the main points i wanted to share and feel everyone should take a closer look at how the internet can sometimes take over your life. It's safe to say i'll be tweeting 24/7 again, posting on Facebook, instagram, updating my blog and playing Pokemon Go. But i do that because i want to, rather than feeling like i HAVE to. I know i'm not addicted to it and can go without. I spend more time now watching documentaries, reading books and finding new interests.

Do you think you could go without the internet just for one week?

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