First Impressions: Tarte Rainforest of the sea Concealer

I can't even remember how i heard of Tarte Cosmetics, but they've always been a must try on my list as they're a cruelty free brand. I watched them a few times on QVC and was really blown away by their ethics and also they ingredients they use in all their products. As someone who's becoming more conscious and ethically aware of the products i use and the companies i support, this one really stuck out in my mind, the founder is so passionate about using natural ingredients that are actually good for the skin, which means wearing this makeup will actually benefit you by giving it a protective layer of good stuff that hydrates. The more and more i saw on social media, QVC, youtube etc i fell in love with it all. So when it came to choosing a product that i wanted to try, well it took weeks for me to decide.

I had another look on QVC UK and decided that the rainforest concealer was for me. I don't usually wear a liquid foundation as i've always found them too heaver and have also gone off BB creams because they feel too thick for me. Especially during the summer when i'm more tanned, if it's not that time of month when volcanoes erupt on my face, then i feel i can get away with the standard eyebrow, lash and cheek combo. But on those days wear i fancy making an effort and want to cover blemishes, i really wanted to invest in a product that suits me and is in line with my ethics. Also listening to Tarte brand reps explaining that because Tarte use natural ingredients that nourish the skin, it's actually better to wear it than not, as it acts as a defence from the harsh elements. This was like a light bulb moment as i thought 'ahh that makes so much sense', especially as this concealer is water based; i have super dry skin so have a layer of extra moisture can only be a good thing right?!
They don't have a huge range of colours (which is probably best for someone like me who's indecisive), but i think it's because the colours are quite adaptable, it was clear from the chart that 'tan' would be my best match.

I was so excited when it arrived and couldn't wait to get my hands on it, the rainforest range has gorgeous ombre packaging.

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I paid £29.80 for the concealer, brush and P&P which is amazing value! The brush really is just as important as the products, complimenting the concealer in every way. I spend ages buffing it in because the brush feels so good (i can't be the only one who does that?!).

Before i go on about how it looks and feels, there's just a couple of things i wasn't hugely loving on first impressions which was the smell: to me it smells quite 'chemical-y' even though i know it's far from that, whatever it is i'm not that keen. Also i've got the smallest wrinkles under my eyes which are more noticeable with the concealer on, but i'm sure if i wore a primer under my eyes the concealer would set a lot better and not crease. Lastly, because i have a dry forehead, it's really important that it's hydrated and nourished with plenty of serum beforehand so that the concealer doesn't go patchy.

Right, now down to business.

Excuse the crap quality of my phone camera!

The left hand side is with no make-up, just moisturised and a light layer of serum. The middle is after i've applied concealer from the dropper on the areas i want. Then on the right is after i've buffed it all in. I also went around my eyebrows and forehead but didn't completely cover every inch as i prefer a natural look. It matches my skin pretty perfectly, i think!

As you can see it matte-ifies the skin but at the same time it leaves the skin dewy, i think that's the power of it being water based. It's a really nice balance and for a concealer is really lightweight. I never thought i'd like a concealer or liquid foundation, being a mineral powder girl, but i'm in love with this. With the matching brush too, it's pretty foolproof. If i didn't touch my face so much it would probably last all day too.

I finished my day to day look with a quick brow, mascara and blush. Just look at the glow! No highlighter needed! I still don't wear this every day simply because i'm just too lazy and am not a morning person!

So, what do you think? I always find it so difficult choosing this type of product, so i hope you found this a helpful review if you've been eyeing up the Tarte range. Would love to know your thoughts in the comments!

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