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Today I’m talking about a topic I don’t ever think I’ve discussed on the blog: relationships! My partner and I are very much opposite (we’re Taurus and Scorpio, the most turbulent match of all the star signs); they say opposites attract which was certainly the case with us. But we’re also yin and yang, we complement each other, what one lacks the other one has, luckily we do agree on the important things and have the same outlook on life. As an earth sign I ground his fluid and uncertain nature and he always keeps me on my toes, and I guess that works for us! I think it’s important when in a relationship to always keep each other on our toes, making sure theirs spontaneity and excitement and most importantly appreciating each other throughout the year, not just on birthdays and Valentine’s day. So I’ve got thinking about a perfect date.

I’ve collaborated with Protect Line, a local insurance brokerage who are dedicated to protecting families across the UK. They’re truly passionate about the service they provide with a mission to protect as many families as possible, offering a range of life insurance products suitable for anyone’s needs. You can’t control what happens in life and you truly never know what’s around the corner, in a situation where the worst happens, I like know that Protect Line can give peace of mind that family and loved ones are protected.

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They also value and understand the importance of partners, being founded by a husband and wide duo it’s in their heritage to not only care about the customer on the call but their better halves too. They’re currently promoting their customer incentive which is a £40 voucher to every partner who gets their other half protected through them, whether that be with a joint cover or two separate covers. This has got me thinking about how I’d spend that £40 on a perfect date!

It’s hard for me to make my mind up on my perfect date, it all very much depends on my mood on whether I fancy going for an adventurous and spontaneous date or failing that a night in pigging out on a take away, beers and movies. But we’re talking about my perfect date here so I won’t be boring.
I always imagine a date to be in the evening, a summer evening. As much as I like the thought of a daytime date, an evening date on the cusp of a sunset is far more romantic. I’m a bit of a foodie, so it would be perfect to start the date at a restaurant with sea views, I adore Italian cuisine and seafood but on a perfect date I’d want to be pleasantly surprised with something I’ve never tried before... Maybe something like Thai food or somewhere that serves locally sourced seafood. Of course there’d be alcoholic drinks with the food, wine usually goes down quite well, but then I’d love to have a cocktail after the meal (anything along the lines of gin, elder flower, berries anything refreshing but not too citrus-y, I’m not at all fussy aha!).

It’s always been a dream of mine to go in a hot air balloon, I get a little bit nervous of heights but that’s all in the fun of it! I love being sat by the window on an aeroplane too, so I’d have to say I’d love to be surprised with a hot air balloon ride, hoping the wine and cocktails will have put me in a gentle fuzzy mood. There are some stunning sights in Dorset and I can imagine it would be the perfect place to have an birds eye view of. I can imagine getting snuggled into a blanket admiring the views, perhaps with a hot  mug of something being up in the cold air.

When we eventually land back on our feet the perfect ending to my perfect date would be a nice stroll along the beach barefoot. I can imagine the scene now like in all of those rom-com films I’m so fond of watching.

I don’t know how far £40 would go on this perfect date, maybe if I got lucky with a Groupon deal or voucher code it could stretch quite far. But hey it would definitely help. Have you thought about how you’d spend £40 on your perfect date? If you gave on of Protect Line’s sales advisers a call they’d be happy to advise you on the best cover for you and your partner, so maybe you can start thinking about your perfect date, or simply how you’d show your appreciation for your other half! You can find out more about Protect Line via their website. Or keep up with internal culture, interesting reads and news on their Facebook and Twitter.

Protect Line
This was a collaborative post

What would your perfect date be?

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