6 Steps To Creating The Space You Want

If you read my last post about the power of de-cluttering and what inspired me to get rid of the junk in my life, you're going to LOVE this post. Written by the fabulous entrepreneur Kerry from Make A Space, who's given us her top 6 tips on creating a space you want rather than being surrounded by clutter! I hope you find this post as helpful as i have and feel slightly more inspired to create a nicer less filled surrounding...

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Seeing the change in a client’s attitude and demeanour is one of the most rewarding things about my job. I often find as I support individuals, couple and families to de-clutter their houses and lives that there is a change in their energy and their passion for life.

I work with people helping them ‘Make a Space’ in their living environment which helps to create space to get to where they want to be with their life. Inspiring change and getting people excited about their dreams. It’s emotional and exhausting at times, but seeing the change in my clients fills me with energy and joy.

But why do people even need help? Why is it so hard to make a space for the things you really want in life? Every person is different but the root causes are often very similar. It is usually a question of not knowing what to do or how to start, or a lack of time - there is always something else that needs doing.

As a society we now have coaches for all aspects of our lives. From health to business, with specialist support most people will see results faster and will achieve far more that they thought possible on their own.

The process I work through with my clients is simple, but not easy.

1) First, we look at the ‘Why’ – understanding their motivation. What do they want to achieve? And we also try to work out what has been holding them back from doing this.

2) Next is about clarifying the vision. What do they want the space to look and feel like? We do this in which ever way is most comfortable to the client. Sometimes finding images, drawing or writing.

3) Then we plan. It’s basically a project – from revamping a wardrobe to a transformational house move. What are the step, how and when are we going to do this? This is tailored to each individual depending on their personal style and preferences.

4) Sort it. Physically hands on sorting through piles of belongings of what stays and what goes. This process often brings up emotions that we attach to our belongings. I support them through this, talking about why they have been holding on to items, what the significance is for them. At this stage we will often revisit the ‘why you are doing this’ as a motivation.

5) Step 5 is often the hardest bit -Letting go. Physically removing the things that they don't need or want from your home. Be it to charity, recycling, selling there is often a way that the unwanted and unneeded 'stuff ' can be of use to others and not just end up in landfill.

6) Finally, we have a bit of fun putting what is left away and organising.... and revelling in all the space that has been created.

It is not just creating space for the sake of it. Not just because it looks nice (although it can if you want it to!) but because there is an emotional space that is created by it. Aside from that simply being able to find things easily and less time spent tidying up increase productivity and frees up time to spend on doing things you really enjoy.

For me that first step, the why you are doing this is so important – right from the beginning you begin to create space for what you want next – be that a better relationship, or a baby or a new job or retirement or whatever your heart desires. You are taking control.

When you create a piece of art or start a new project you need a clear space to start, to start with a blank page. You need to make a space. And it is just the same for your life.

By Kerry Pocock, Mum and Entrepreneur. Founder of Make a Space inspiring and helping you to de-clutter your life so you can enjoy more time with your loved ones. Keep up with Kerry's posts on Facebook.

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