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If you had a read of my recent post on calming anxiety and stress, you'll have seen my favourite ways to unwind. Now i'm partial to a relaxing bubble bath but sometimes it just doesn't cut it when in need of a serious self care and pamper session, since writing this guest post on self care, i've been really in the frame of mind to take that a little further and share with you a great way to spend 'you' time by creating a home spa. 

When it comes to self-care it's always easy to make excuses (especially as a mum).  So, rather than putting of self-care and relaxation down to not having enough time i'm hoping this post will make it much more accessible and NOT time consuming. Self care is about putting yourself first every now and then, even if it's just 30 minutes a week and i think a home spa is the perfect way to do that. So let's get to it !

Spa Towels

To me a spa is the epitome of tranquility, peace and reflection, they don't necessarily have to equal massages and treatments (although it would be nice to have my partner be my voluntary masseuse who may even paint my nails for me). So although you go to a spa probably anticipating a good rub down and buff, to me it's the whole package and THAT's what i want to re-create in this post.

Depending on your preference you could chose any room in the house to transform into a spa, although i personally think a bathroom and/or bedroom is more suited. Our bedroom is really light and bright, with an en-suite which definitely makes it my favourite hang out spot in the evenings. To make my bedroom feel more 'spa like' i make sure there's fresh sheets and clean fluffy towels. I'll make sure all the clothes are neatly put away and there's nothing hanging on the wardrobe door, a cluttered space is a cluttered mind as they say so i always like to make things perfectly tidy before i can relax.

 I'm a lover of candles, they're great to give a room ambience and mood lighting. So get your best candles out and tea lights and scatter them around your spa room. Rather than having a harsh bright ceiling light on, i like to use lamps to keep the lighting dim so i can watch the flickering candles. 

The first thing i notice about spa's is the smell you're greeted with. I do love an incense stick but essential oils are my favourite way of creating a certain mood, they can be uplifting, relaxing, stimulating or comforting. You can use your favourite scent or a blend depending on what you need and how you want to feel. I love using essential oils in aromatherapy and around the home too, taking advantage of their affects however i can.

Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser
c/o Organic Aromas

I was kindly sent this gorgeous Raindrop Essential Oil Diffuser from Organic Aromas, i was so excited to get my hands on it as i've never owned a diffuser and couldn't wait to test it out. Along with the diffuser i was given their signature scent which is a complex blend of; Elemi, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Cajeput and Chamomile. It's described as sophisticated and calming, i must admit it took a while to grow on me as i usually prefer sweet and subtle smells but it is so calming, it's the first thing i do to unwind and now i associate it with pure relaxation. The diffuser is really simple to use, you only need a few drops of oil, turn it on and within seconds it embraces the whole room with the scent. You can see it in action over on my instagram post. Not only does it make a great decorative addition to the room (i'm not a fan of the bulky plastic diffusers out there), with the handmade wooden base and lovely curves of the glass reservoir it's even prettier when it's on: it changes colour which adds even more atmosphere. 


So now we've dimmed the lights, got the candles on and have essential oils working their therapeutic magic it's time to add another layer to the ambience with some music. You'd think working for Lush for two years having listened to each of their spa soundtracks far too many times to count, i'd be sick of it but in all honesty i just love their covers - they're whimsical, uplifting and just have me in a dreamlike state of mind. There are also other sounds i like to enjoy which are calming to me: any nature sounds really sets of my imagination and allows me to escape, i really like this rain sound simulator if you're anything like me and like listening to rain in the background.

Now that we've set the mood, it's really up to you how you'd enjoy the calm and tranquility. I like to put a good face mask on, run a bath to soak in until i'm wrinkly. But if you're lucky and have a willing other half why not exchange back massages? Use some coconut oil or your favourite lotion and let you mind rest. If i ever went to a day spa i'd like to take a good fictional book with me, perhaps one i've read before that doesn't stimulate my mind too much but allows me to switch off, alternatively you could get carried away filling in an adult colouring book which are a great way to ease the mind, you could do this while soaking your feet with a good foot spa; no need to spend a fortune on those fancy plug in foot massagers! Just pour some epsom salts in a big enough bowl with warm water and a drop of your favourite essential oil and finish off with your favourite nourishing lotion. 

There we go, no need to spend half your wages on a day trip to the spa, with these ideas you can really bring the spa home and hopefully that will encourage you to spend a little bit more time on you. Did you enjoy this post? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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