May Favourites

It's not often i do a roundup of my favourite products, the last one was this one back in February but last month there were just too many new things i tried and loved which i really want to share! A few of these i'll be posting about in more detail and/or will be featuring them in another post which i'm really excited about!

First off we've got this gorgeous natural hair product which was featured in my First Impressions post (which has a short video too *wink wink*). I'm really impressed with this product, it smells great and does exactly what it says on the bottle. My hair starts detangling as soon as i spread it through and has made my curls POP, i'm in love with my hair again thanks to this. I pair it with coconut oil and the Cantu conditioning cream as part of a LOC method which retains as much moisture as possible for my thirsty locks!

Going to the other end of the spectrum, i took a stroll down to my local discount health store which is my second favourite place to visit after all the charity shops. I took a look at the home section and was pleasantly surprised to see a huge choice of eco friendly and plant based home cleaning products, i can't be the only that gets excited about this?! You'll definitely be excited over Method's instagram account, so colourful! I bought the ecover washing up liquid at the start of the month and it looks barely touched, eat your heart out fairy liquid.

Back to some beauty basics; i've been eyeing up NYX Cosmetics for a while as they're a cruelty free brand and i've heard amazing things about the whole range. I picked the perfect day to go into town as the Boots in Bournemouth had just launched it there that day and was getting ravenously attacked by teenagers (and me, happily). I had tiger stripes of swatches up my arm and i was tempted to blow all the money in my account on the lip butters and glosses but i settled with these two. SPOILER ALERT, i'm in love. The lip butter is 'cannes' and it feels so soft, almost velvety when first applied, it's matte and can vouch that it's long lasting, as after a sloppy dinner it was pretty much still intact. Yup, definitely my new beauty fave! I got the 'pixie' eyeshadow pot with intention to use it as a highlighter, i really like the shimmer and it feels quite soft too.

I won't talk about this Raindrop Diffuser c/o Organic Aromas, too much on this post as i'll be featuring it on an upcoming post on how to re-create a spa at home *wink*. But i must say not only is it gorgeous (see my instagram post to see it in action), but it is really affective and made out of sustainable materials, i'm really excited to share more about it soon!

Girl, if you get your nails done on a regular basis you need this kit in your LIFE. It's an investment at just under £50 but considering you can spend anything from £20-£30 at a salon for gel nails it soon pays off! I received this for my birthday (as requested) and i am not disappointed! It's pretty simple to use and saves me having to paint my nails every 2 days with normal polish, these gel nails on average they last about 10 days and my nails have grown SO much since i've been using it. I don't know how i could go without it now, my nails always look fresh and gives me one less thing to worry about. 

I got lucky with a twitter comp and won a hamper of Pip & Nut goodies, i really love the whole brand and how passionate they are about using no harmful and un-natural ingredients: what you see is what you get with these, they literally just use roasted nuts and sea salt which makes me feel no guilt whatsoever when i indulge. I was given four different flavours; Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, Coconut Almond Butter and Honey & Cinnamon Cashew Butter. My favourite by far is the coconut almond butter, it's SO creamy and the coconut really comes through. The consistency is quite different to any nut butters i've had before, they're slightly runny but to be honest this just made it easier to spread on toast and pour into my blender for smoothies! I was also given a recipe card in the hamper and they have lots of recipes on their website incorporating the different nut butters and flavours.  

They also have these squeezy snack packs which are slightly addictive! Because they're high in protein i guess they'd be a good pre or post workout snack too. I just love them and will be keeping an eye out for new flavours!

Lastly, i just want to mention the tasty Mint Matcha c/o Eat Clean Tea, (i'll be posting a couple of recipes with this soon so i'll save a more detailed review for that) i'm really impressed with this for one of two reasons: i've tried matchas before and have become slightly immune to the energy boost, however i've been drinking this pretty much every day and it really gives me so much more energy to a point where i notice if i haven't had some, so huge thumbs up there but also i'm really in love with the mint flavour, it compliments the matcha SO well and makes it a pleasure to drink rather than something just to knock back. I've had a lot of fun creating a couple of recipes which i can't wait to share!

So there we have it, my top favourites from May, they have been a real game changer and some have made a huge impact on my day to day life. Have you tried any of these products before? What were your May Favourites?

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