June Photo Challenge

What a crazy time it's been, and it's flown by in a blink. I challenged myself at the beginning of the month to take a photo every day. And I'm proud of myself to having pretty much stuck to it bar from a few days here and there, although I made up for it on other days. And here's the result:

There's an a obvious general trend here of food, flowers and beaches. Not a bad life ay?! What this challenge has taught is to take me to appreciate the little things. Every moment is a photographable moment if you look at it from the right angle and a different perspective. I guess I've learnt to take things slowly, take in my surroundings and don't let the big little moments get overlooked.

Have you done a 30 day photo challenge? Why not try it?

One last thing: due to a recent house move I'm going to be without internet for at least two weeks, so bare with me if my posts are a little sporadic

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