Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

One of my latest posts i shared some Mint Matcha recipes in a collaboration with Eat Clean Tea

matcha green tea

The feedback i got from this post was great but i noticed many people had never tried matcha and probably aren't aware of the great health benefits of matcha green tea! So i'm here to give you 10 reasons why you should be drinking eat, or at least try it! Here goes:
In my personal experience i can definitely notice a huge difference in my energy and alertness levels when i drink it consistently. What i love about Eat Clean Tea's Matcha is that it has an almost immediate impact on my energy. I feel a lot 'cleaner' when i drink it and it definitely helps me sleep better at night when i've drank it twice throughout the day. 

Now don't just take it from me, there's been lots of research into the above claims which i'm sure you could research even more. There are plenty of bloggers like myself who have reviewed matcha and agree that they feel better for drinking it. 

If you're wanting to increase your general health and gain a feeling of wellbeing, incorporating Matcha into your diet is a really easy way to do this, you can use my recipes for inspiration!

mint matcha green tea ice cubes

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