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Mint Matcha Green Tea
c/o Eat Clean Tea
Green Mint Matcha Latte

the lovely babes at Eat Clean Tea sent me a pouch of matcha of my choice. i chose the mint because now that the weather is hotting up i wanted to experiment with some refreshing and cooling summer recipes. they also have original matcha and matcha & ginger which i'd love to try.

i have tried matcha before so i knew what to expect and love incorporating it into my diet: i like adding matcha to my breakfast, smoothies and drinks for that added boost of energy. i fell in love with the mint matcha flavour straight away and mixed up a refreshing matcha iced latte pretty much every morning since i received the packet and had to remind myself to save some to make some new recipes with! compared to other matchas i've tried i REALLY notice an almost instant boost of energy, i definitely don't feel as spritely on days i don't have it and it generally gives me a feeling of wellbeing more so than matcha teas i've tried in the past, so a huge thumbs up there!

Green Mint Matcha Latte

other than rustling up matcha lattes most days, i got creative (and messy) in the kitchen and whipped up one of my green smoothies (which if you follow me on instagram you'll know i'm no strange to a bright green smoothie!) 

Mint matcha vanilla chia smoothie ingredients

Mint matcha green tea vanilla chia smoothie

this is no ordinary smoothie, it's a mint matcha vanilla chai smoothie that will knock your socks off if i don't say so myself! it's hands down the best smoothie i've made, all you need is 5 ingredients:

put all the ingredients in together and blend until smooth. i usually put soya milk in my smoothies but this one tastes better with just a splash of water and a little sprinkle of chia seeds to top it off. enjoy and thank me later!

as if one recipe wasn't enough i also rustled up a watermelon & mint slushie that is perfect on a hot and humid afternoon. it's a simple as two ingredients which requires minimal effort. 
the slight twist here is that i put the matcha into ice cubes, which didn't turn out quite the pinterest perfect way i imagined but i think this is a great way to sneak in some matcha goodness into future summer beverages.

to make the ice cubes i whisked together a scoop of mint matcha and water until combined and poured into the tray and the other half i simply sprinked some matcha on top.

watermelon and matcha ice cubes

this makes for some pretty green ice! i'd love to try these in a homemade mojito too. another day another recipe!

watermelon mint matcha slushie

just like the slushies of my childhood you have to drink it quickly before the ice all melts! it's as simple is chucking in a good handful of watermelon with about 4 matcha ice cubes and blending until smooth.

i really enjoyed creating these beverages for Eat Clean Tea and am desperately low on my matcha now! have you tried matcha tea before? let me know if you have a go at these recipes, i'd love to know what you think!

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