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I think it might just be safe to say that UK summer is here, although i won't hold my breath! Now that we live so close to the sea i'm feeling very under prepared and under dressed for those hot days that we end up tottering down to the beach. So to not be caught off guard again i've been thinking of my beach essentials that make me feel fully prepared and comfortable when spending an afternoon on my favourite patch of Bournemouth beach.

Here's my basic checklist:
(I hope you can agree that a big floppy sunhat is absolutely essential, for no other reason that i feel like Julia Roberts in pretty woman when wearing one.)

Since having a clear out of my wardrobe and deciding to take a slower approach to fashion, i've been seeking out (hunting down rather), ethical clothing brands as i believe we should all be making a conscious effort to support brands who want to make a positive impact on the planet. With that in mind i've found some great brands which i'm happy to support, (along side digging out goodies in charity shops too) and have rounded up a few of my favourite swimwear outfits:

more swimwear at Cocodune

swimwear and accessories on Monki

There's no chance of me wearing a low waist bikini, since having my son i've got one too many stretch marks i'm not happy to flaunt, so i've found comfort in the high waisted bottom and am so happy they're back in trend as it makes it much easier for me to find styles that i like. 
I also love this sleek all in one, not that i'd ever have the guts to wear it!

I also LOVE this marble affect swimsuit from ethical clothing brand Auria
more swimwear at ethical clothing brand Auria
As we live so close to the beach i find it best to wear my swimsuit underneath an outfit, this saves the awkward wrapped in a towel fumbling with bras and knickers into swimwear without flashing or exposing any lumpy bits! Over swimwear it's usually best to wear comfortable uncomplicated clothing, i've fallen in love with the Summer Collection on Braintree Clothing and in particular this cotton dress, i think it would be perfect to wear at the beach and looks super comfortable:

shop the Chambray dress here

Isn't it just gorgeous?!

Now onto accessories, no summer outfit is complete without a big sun hat. You can find plenty in charity shops, i found a really cute one with a polka dot ribbon in St. Ives, Cornwall but i also love this straw one on Monki:

cute Sammi hat on Monki

I've also become one of those people that you'll see wearing flip flops 5 out of 7 days of the week come rain or shine! I love my polka dot navy flip flops:

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Which un-surprisingly were from a local charity shop, but i'm also wanting to invest in a really comfortable pair of day sandals like these:
sandals and more over at Matt & Nat

And can we all just stop and appreciate these sandals by Seasalt clothing?! They're perfect.

As are these staple cotton bags you will probably recognise, this one in particular:

 I really like this brand, although it's quite 'mumsy' it's just my style and perfect for anyone living by the coast. I love their story, being based in Cornwall and importantly are committed to being an ethical and responsible fashion company. Take a look at their Summer Collection.

Moving onto only the most gorgeous round beach blankets i've ever seen by Fair Seas Supply Co.

more gorgeous photos over on Fair Seas Supply Instagram
I love anything navy and nautical so these are the perfect match in my book

'The San Diego' beach towel/blanket
But, of course we mustn't forget one of the most important beach essentials of all, which would be a bottle or two of sunscreen

And last but not least a good helping of snacks, our favourites are: home-made sweet or savoury popcorn, baked veg crisps and yogurt or chocolate covered raisins and nuts. (You can find some glorious home made snack inspiration and recipes on on my Pinterest Board.) Topped off with maybe a cheeky helping of Purbeck Ice Cream.

I think that sounds like a perfect recipe to a day at the beach. What are your beach essentials??

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