5 Tips for Photographing your children by Samantha Prewett Photography

If you've followed my blog for a while (or follow me on twitter) you may know that i'm the branch leader for Networking Mummies Bournemouth, hosting networking events for parents in business. I really love getting to know entrepreneurial people, surrounding myself like minded mums is great inspiration. This is how i met new friend Samantha, in an effort to help her achieve some of her business goals this year i proposed we collaborated together for a blog post. She's shared her best 5 tips on getting great photos of your children. So if you're a serial mum instagrammer like me, you're going to love this post! I asked Sam to give us a little intro so you guys know what she's all about:

'I started my business just over 3 years ago and I offer beautiful, natural and organic newborn and family photography. I'm a parent to 2 little ones aged 7 and 4, so I know how important it is to capture all those first memories to treasure for a lifetime. There are times when you can't always have a professional photographer to hand so I thought that it would be helpful to share a few
of my tips for photographing your own children.'

1. Say Cheese!! (or not)

I think we all know this by now but this rarely gives the desired reaction, unless your child is VERY young and hasn't heard it 1000 times before! Kids soon get bored. Try doing something silly, like singing a nursery rhyme and change a word.

Samantha Prewett Photography

2. Flash (or not!)

If you follow my work, you will know that I am not a fan of flash or "artificial" lighting. Your phone or camera if set to auto will more than likely try to use the flash if you are indoors. Give it a go without it first to see if you really do need it. Try to get your children to stand or play near to the window to make the most of the natural light available to you at that given time.

Samantha Prewett Photography
3. Get down to their level 

When taking natural photographs of your children, try getting down to their level, play with them or ask them to find a flower or blow some bubbles or ask them fun questions about themselves, which will give natural smiles and interaction.

Samantha Prewett Photography

4. Camera Settings

Most digital cameras (even smartphones) have some manual settings these days. If you step away from the full auto mode and take a little time to learn these, your photography will improve a lot. Don't try testing this out during important times though as they will take some getting used to and you don't want to ruin the moment.

Samantha Prewett Photography

5. Print your photos!

It is all to easy these days to take thousands of photos and never print any. In years to come where will all the photo albums be? There will be advances in technology that will mean if you have not correctly backed up all of these photos you will never be able to view them again! Please make sure you print your photos, even if its just a few per year of special events. Whilst I would not recommend any of these cheap sites or high street shops for professional photography printing, they are fine for family snaps and certainly better than not printing at all! There are so many printing companies these days, and you can even get a free app on your phone that allows to you to order 40 free photos per month, you only pay for postage!

Samantha Prewett Photography

Samantha Prewett Photography is a family photography business based in Poole, Dorset. She'd love to know how you get on after using these tips, you can find Samantha on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Samantha Prewett
Samantha Prewett, Newborn and Family photographer

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