What i did for my Birthday & Haul

this year's birthday was up there with one of the best i've had yet (if not THE best), earlier in the week i managed to get lots of work done and prepared for a family wedding at the weekend. the only downside was that the day before Corben came down with a horrible cold and temperature in the night, we dosed him up on calpol and i prayed that he'd be better in the morning so i we wouldn't have to drag an unwilling toddler around with us. luckily in the morning he was full of beans and ready to go to pre-school, before my other half scooted him off i sat in bed opening my cards and was made a lovely cup of tea. i already knew that we were going to get breakfast but i had a lot of surprises in store for me. We had an all you can eat break-y and then mooched around the local shops, which consisted of me going through a charity shop crawl dragging Matt along behind me, i got some really cute finds which i'll soon put together in a 'haulternative' video on my Youtube Channel.

after hitting all but one shop (we were time restricted for the pre school pick up) we had a quick coffee and chia latte at the cutest cafe you ever did see. i've been wanting to go in there since we moved but it's not very buggy or toddler friendly i imagine! i'm hoping to back soon and try their food.

how cute and lovely is it?!

a relaxed morning came to an abrupt end when we had to rush a little bit to pack for the wedding weekend, we gathered up our fancy dress costumes and other essentials. But just before we left i got to open (well they weren't wrapped because of a shortage of wrapping paper, so let's say receive instead). It's safe to say the other half knows me very well, he got me;

see this dress in it's full glory on instagram 

this stripey casual dress from New Look which i've been LOVING right now, it's perfect now the weather is warming up and i've been wearing it with my denim jacket

check out clay and clasp on instagram

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the cutest pairs of socks from ASOS, i like a green smoothie so these are perfect alongside my panda ones, they're very 'me'. he also bought me this cute lunchbox to take with me to my new office based role as creative assistant and need to fuel myself with 'brain food'.

see this pic on insta

 i love this whole brand, they have a really great range of accessories and home stuff.

we headed of back to my hometown early afternoon and arrive in good time, but what i didn't know was that i wasn't headed straight home (mums house), Matt insisted i blindfolded myself with my scarf and he drove me to a good friends house, this was only revealed after i was guided in, sat down on the sofa and was placed my friends new born in my arms when the scarf was whipped off and i got baby cuddles! i spent a good hour catching up with my oldest friend, sipping tea and getting to hold a sleepy baby.

i was then whisked off again for a dinner reservation which i thought was a last minute half assed effort from the other half but turns out he'd spent all week rounding up our friends who were all waiting for me to celebrate. just when i thought the day couldn't get any more special, walking in to old familiar faces was a little overwhelming, i just about held the happy tears back and opened up a few more thoughtful presents and cards.

in the excitement of the whole day i'm gutted i didn't take any more photos but i guess that shows how much i was enjoying myself. the food was amazing, we washed it down with a fair amount of drinks and stumbled home at about 2am which is a rarity these days. i didn't really get to lie in the next day, i had a few more presents to open and then it was all about wedding prep for my brother's two day festival wedding! don't think i'll be writing a post on that as it could take me quite some time! so here's the rest of the presents i received;

the cute tin contained some flower shaped shortbread biscuits from M&S which were gorgeous! and i'm still yet to open the little Ted Baker parcel but i love the shade of varnish.

this set of yankee candles is probably not one i would chose for myself at first glance but they all smell gorgeous, i've started burning the pink sands votive and it's quite nearly my new favourite! i think i'll enjoy burning these throughout the summer as they're such fresh smells.

i'm going to talk about this particular beauty in my end of month roundup but i've used it twice already and am in love with it, let's leave it there for now!

all my friends know me too well, i love adult colouring books and mentioned them in my post on calming stress and anxiety. i've been meaning to get some new pencils too so am very happy with these!

a girl can never have too much stationary and i love a good note book! love the tropical theme on this one.

and a couple of bits i treated myself to with some birthday money which i absolutely adore! they smell so gorgeous and feel so luxurious.

and a comforter bubble bar because i'd run out of all my bath stuff and i couldn't resist!

if any family and gift givers are reading this, thank you, thank you and thank you again, i'm so grateful and love every single one as they're all so thoughtful!

have you tried any of the products i've posted above? would love to know in the comments below!

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