Week in Photos

i don't have enough photos to reflect how much actually happened this week! it was a slow start in preparation for my birthday on the Thursday 28th which i won't go into too much on this post as i plan to do a birthday haul and explain from start to finish what made a really special and perfect day, so stay tuned! to finish the week was my brother's wedding weekend, the first wedding i've ever been to and was privileged to be a bridesmaid for the Saturday ceremony. the Sunday however was a festival and a dress up theme which will explain the left photo, Matt and i dusted off our fancy dress clothes and joined in the fun. pictured above is a pretty bunch of tulips i received for my birthday, a stroll through my hometown in a new dress, the nicest mug i've seen in a long time at a local cafe in Westbourne which we stopped at for my birthday. we also had an early evening stroll earlier on in the beach to collect some shells for a special wedding present. i've also received a couple of extra treats that i won, including a hamper of nut butters from Pip & Nut as well as a few hair products from my salon back in Bucks. in all it's the best week i've had in a LONG time, if not ever!

what has your week been like?

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