Our Week in Photos

This week consisted mainly of recovering from the prior weekends celebrations. Was good to catch up on sleep and take it slow, there were lots of beach walks with big and little bear now that the weather is just right in the evening after Matt comes home. I worked from my bed one weekday morning without the sound of a toddler forcing me out which was blissful and i actually got lots done! Treated myself to a lush bubble bar after running out of my stash after stocking up while i was an employee, take a read of that last lush haul. I also one some hair goodies from my favourite salon back in my hometown, i didn't realise the importance of a decent wide hair brush now that i have it in my life!

We also had a gorgeous weekend over in Lulworth, we were a bit unprepared and forgot to bring sunscreen so we're feeling a little burnt today but the views from the bay at low tide and relaxation on the beach was so worth it. I really love that little villages on that part of the coast, especially the cute cottage b&b's and quintessential seaside pubs and shops. My phone unfortunately was out of battery for most of the day so i'm slightly gutted i didn't get more snaps but still a handful to share with you guys. All in all a much needed restful week ending on a high with the sunshine!

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below

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