Natural Hair Care: First Impressions

It's been a long while since I spoke about hair, the last time was about using henna as a natural hair dye, and prior to that was a post about my hair care journey so far and going natural which was shockingly over 6 months ago! I really wish I documented my journey more since that post as I feel I've learnt so much and have come a long way. Since then I haven't chemically processed hair and have straightened my hair just twice. It has finally started growing and the damaged ends became more obvious so I had a trim which made my hair the shortest it's ever been! It wasn't quite a 'big chop' but for me it was a HUGE step and I'm so glad I finally let go of those horrid dead ends. Since then I've really noticed a transformation in my hair, the curls sprung back straight away and maintenance has become a lot easier but it certainly doesn't mean I can be lazy, which is why I've invested in some decent hair care after months of watching other people's YT videos, stalking hair care accounts on instagram and spending hours on 

I'm so happy with my hair growth right now; my natural curls are coming through and I think I'll need just one trim and it will be all natural! I can't remember the last time I had non damaged, unprocessed hair, what a relief! Anyway, I purchased the products through My Luxe Beauty who stock a load of the most popular products I've heard about. I bit the bullet and spent over £40 but I know it's so worth. Have a watch of my un-boxing video and first impressions.

So just to go into a bit more detail from the video:

The frizz free curls, blue berry bliss leave in conditioner not just smells gorgeous, it's really helped my curl pattern come back. It's light but the perfect amount of moisture for my hair, it's definitely my favourite hair product so far.

Then we've got the Shea Moisture Manuka honey masque, i used it pretty much the same day, i washed my hair and while i was in the shower left it in for 5 minutes like a conditioner and rinsed it out. I noticed a difference instantly, it's much thicker and more rich than a normal conditioner, my curls LOVED it. Usually with a mask i use a lot of it up in one go because i like to completely saturate my hair with it, but surprisingly i only needed a small amount. Another huge tick for me!

Lastly the almond and mint oil smells lovely and i love how light the oil is, although i don't feel this is a product i could use every day as it's quite an overpowering smell and doesn't compliment the blueberry bliss leave in which i like to use everyday as part of a LOC regime.

I'm glad that all the brands ARE cruelty free and free of nasty ingredients, i'm really passionate about those ethics and have almost completely cruelty free products now.

I will write an update on these products in a month or so when i've really got use out of them and see how they're affecting my curls. I'm still in need of a co-wash and cream so if you've got any recommendations i'd be super grateful!

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