Making a Space

i was recently really inspired by my fabulous mum friend Kerry, founder of Make a Space, who spoke at our recent networking mummies meet up about de-cluttering and freeing space so you can be more productive and also enjoy more time with family and loved ones. even though I've recently had a spring clean it's really inspired me to take a closer look at things that are taking up space that i don't want or need. not just that but things I'm holding onto for the sake of it, i think we all are guilty of this right?! i realised it's important to have a positive emotion attached to my belongings, for example having fewer clothes but all of which that i adore that make me feel good when i wear them. as well as having fewer trinkets and decorative items that instead of having them clutter up a draw which causes stress and time wasted when i'm looking for things, having fewer that i can actually see and enjoy all the time. basically differentiating between my possessions that give me pleasure, making sure they don't get hidden or lost amongst other stuff.

 i'm not quite ready to go as far as creating a capsule wardrobe, but i'm definitely looking more into slow fashion and investing in items that i LOVE rather than impulse buying. i recently stumbled across a blog post by Sophie on building a minimal wardrobe on a budget which has also got me thinking differently about how i purchase clothes... i do still love a good charity shop splurge but now when i get a new item, i replace it with something that i no longer love. i think this is a far healthier way to create a style and wardrobe that doesn't overwhelm every time you open up cupboard doors.

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i'm also very intrigued by the psychological impact of hoarding items and having clutter around the home, i truly believe a cluttered life equals a cluttered mind and i feel a lot less stressed and more productive when the house is clean and tidy and things are put away. and of course it's a lot easier to keep on top of this with less stuff, it makes finding useful things a lot quicker and easier when each draw is (not necessarily tidy) but free of junk. so i'm taking a look at our belongings and really minimising the amount of things we have, realising that if it no longer serves me then i don't need it taking up space! i'm working on getting the other half to clear out his wardrobe and items he's attached too but as we're moving home in a couple of months to somewhere slightly smaller, i think that will give him the push he needs to minimise junk!

what are your thoughts on slow fashion and minimalism? do you agree that a cluttered house is a cluttered mind? let me know in the comments below!

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