This week is a pivotal and quite frankly life changing as i start a part time job at a company that I CREATED. I literally wrote my own job description and have been given role as 'Creative Assistant' working alongside the directors and managers in the business, helping them reach their company goals. I don't usually blow my own trumpet, but this is a massive achievement for me and chance to reflect. reflecting on how much I've grown and developed in the last few years and with odds against me being a young mum, never going to uni, there's a fighter inside me that was determined to become more than what I was.

After having Corben i was itching to make something of myself. I knew i wanted to do something and be 'successful'. I got a job at my favourite store at the time but i knew i was capable of more and so went out to seek new challenges. I became a business woman. I sharpened my skills, got back into blogging, learning a long the way what it takes to be successful and what that means to me. I'm so proud of the person I've become because; I have I gone against the grain, facing adversity, fear and jealousy with my business ventures but I've created a life i'm happy with and have now created my own role within a new company to reflect the worth I have created for myself with my skill set and expertise.

For a long time i was against the idea of going back to 'work', i liked the freedom of being my own boss but with that comes instability and uncertainty, i spent too long digging my heels in about and being too proud that I actually limited myself. I put all my eggs in one basket, so to speak, but a time came again when i knew i was capable of more and wanted to give back, but in my own way. As much as an entrepreneur stands for going against the office role and 9-5, I am SO happy to be combining my ethos, passions, ethic and drive into a career which will give me focus alongside my passions. Everything i've achieved in business has lead me onto amazing things and i feel this is just the next step which is right for me but always our family of three. I'm thrilled to be able to work part time, adding value to a company doing what i'm good at and solving problems, but also will be able to share my passions through blogging, bring people together as branch leader of Networking Mummies Bournemouth and still be a brand ambassador for health and wellness for Forever Living. I'm prepared to juggle my time more wisely and work smarter not harder to give myself the perfect work/life balance and provide more stability to my family. It feels so good to be a GO GETTER, utilising my skills and always working on developing myself.

SO, on that note, I just want to say that if you too are anything like me, a young mum, no secondary education and no direction you can CARVE your own future. Carve your own life and create one with value, purpose and direction. Don't limit yourself to one thing, be an entrepreneur in life and take action towards your big dreams, it can be done!
The sky is not the limit it's only the beginning.



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