5 Fun Rainy Day Toddler Activities

I'm really excited to share this guest post today. Amy* got in touch after following the blog for a while wanting to collaborate and I loved all the ideas she put forward. I enjoyed reading the following post which i think you guys will enjoy too. It will be helpful for any parent with a wild toddler stuck indoors on a rainy day. Funnily enough were due to get a huge amount of rain here in Bournemouth today so it's definitely great timing!

'Toddlers are so much fun! Their endless energy and contagious smiles make it so easy for everyone to fall in love with them. However, they can be tiring as well, especially if it’s raining and they cannot go outside and play. Of course they are bored, you are bored too, but unlike you they cannot read a good book with a glass of wine; so it’s up to you to come up with a fun activity that will keep you both occupied.

Pretend to go camping

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It’s raining, it’s pouring; and there is no way anyone is leaving the house and bringing in any of that water and mud! But that does not mean that you cannot camp; all you need is a bit of empty space and some imagination. You can use real tent, or you can make a fort out of pillows and blankets, turn off all the lights, turn on a torch and pretend it’s a campfire. Bring out some snacks, share ghost stories, and put marshmallows on sticks and bake them over fire. You can be renegades hiding in the forest, Indians hunting buffalos, or Eskimos following a polar bear – whatever you want.

Recycle, reuse, renew

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It is important to teach your children just how useful it is to be ‘green’. They can make their own toys and upgrade old ones to become better simply by using what they already have. Melting old crayons and candles in oven and creating new ones is both useful and fun. What is more, you can buy cheap children clothing online in stores like Swap here or in thrift stores and make them their own treasure chest, filled with faux jewellery, old costumes, and ‘ancient’ maps.

It’s cinema time

Is there anything as exciting as a trip to the cinema? While it may be difficult to arrange a last-minute trip downtown, you can transform your living room into a cinema in a blink of an eye. Turn off the lights, put fluffy pillows, chairs and blankets in the living room, agree on a movie (or you pick it up as a surprise) and enjoy! What is more, you can make a lot of popcorns and buy some chips and sodas so they feel like they are in a real cinema.

Mix education and fun

A fun activity which will also be a good chance to learn something? Bring it on! Pull out every old magazine, catalogue, and newspaper you can find, get some blank paper, plenty of glue, and a few pairs of scissors and step back. Let your kids know they can cut out anything they like, and have them make collages of their favourite animals, colours, and items they like. This is a great way to develop their fine motor skills and keep them quiet for a while.

Get messy


If you are not afraid of getting a bit messy, you can play in the bathroom or kitchen and make all of their dreams come true. Make a cake and allow them to lick the bowl using their hands, finger paint masterpieces you can later hang on your fridge, and just before they take a bath have them draw moustache and beards on each other. It will be the best time they ever had!
You don’t need a lot of money or even a lot of things in order to keep a toddler occupied and happy, you can easily do it with just a bit of creativity and a few things you have at home. Just relax and try to have fun together, those will be the best memories.'

About the author: *Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie expat living in the UK and a newbie parenting blogger. Check out her blog Young Mom Of Two.

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