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I've been daydreaming about home interiors again... i already did a dream home post on my blog before we moved into our new home by the coast, which you can read HERE. So when VELUX Blinds got in touch, i thought, well what a great excuse to write another decor post for everyone to swoon over. This time i'm thinking more of the little touches that complete the home, so of course i've gone back to Pinterest for referrals and have rounded up a few more pins and ideas of those perfect touches that i'd love to have in my ideal home.

Firstly, let's talk about vintage door knobs. I've started a bit of a collection of these hand painted style ceramic, wherever i go on holiday or on our travels i'll find the only vintage shop around and they're bound to have these beautiful knobs. We up-cycled a plain ikea cupboard in a mushroom grey and added a blue and white ceramic knob which has made it a completely new piece of furniture!

Vintage Style Ceramic Door Knobs
More over on THIS Etsy Shop

Vintage Door Knob
Take a look at this on Etsy
I'd love to get my hands on some larger ones and each door have it's own unique hand painted knob, it's a gorgeous touch. 

In our current flat we have gorgeous huge sash bay windows, it's so nice on a sunny day, sometimes i stand there with a cup of tea and get distracted by the squirrels that hop from tree to tree. 

Wooden Sash Bay Windows With Material Roman Blinds

If we were to own this place I would love to replace these fabric blinds (which are practical enough) with something more energy efficient like the Energy Efficient Blackout Blinds in a simple grey from VELUX. Because as much as we love the huge wooden sash windows, they're not very good at keeping the cold out, so a more efficient set of blinds would keep us much cosier in the winter.

When Corben was a baby we had black out curtains which worked such a treat, not just for when his sleeping pattern was sporadic but for when I wanted to get some shut eye in the afternoon after waking up every 2 hours with feeds through the night. So if/when we eventually have another baby i'd definitely want to get black out blinds (speaking of my ideal home of course). The Disney and VELUX Dream Blind Collection is super cute, i particularly like these 3 designs.

Winnie The Pooh Inspired Disney VELUX Blinds

Winnie the pooh disney velux blinds

Bambi Inspired Disney VELUX Blinds
Take a look at the rest of the collection HERE 
I squeeled out how cute these are and would really inspire any child's imagination. VELUX also have a handful of other Disney designs that would be perfect for any nursery or child's bedroom. 

Something else that my partner and i have been on the hunt for since we moved is a coat stand.


One like this would be absolutely perfect in our hallway, we don't want to damage the walls by drilling more holes and our entrance hallways is quite spacious. I think it would add an extra feature and of course help the fact that our coats either end up on the back of chairs or thrown onto the bed, they'd finally have a place to live. We've searched high and low in local charity shops but they're very much a sought after piece, we'll hopefully get lucky one day soon!

If you liked this post you may want to have a look at my most recent home etc post where i've gathered some home office space inspo HERE.

There we have it, a few small touches and features in the home that would make all the difference to our living space. Which item do you like most? What did you think about VELUX Blinds?

*This was a sponsored post in collaboration with VELUX*

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