How to incorporate Yoga into your busy life

yoga is a practice i've wanted to start learning for a long time, i'm not much of an exercise person but i still enjoy health, fitness and a sense of wellbeing, so yoga is the happy medium for me. i've only recently started looking into it and have started attending classes and what i've discovered there are many types of yoga which all have their own benefits. the first class i attended was yin yoga. yin yoga is a more meditative approach to the practice which is what i really enjoyed, to understand it you really have to experience it (the same said for all types of yoga). i remember when i walked away after that first lesson i had an overall sense of calm and wellbeing, my body felt less tense and rather than waiting unil the next week to feel that again i started thinking of ways to incorporate this practice into my day to day routine.

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So, i'm going to a list a few simple ways to get the benefits of yin yoga:

i hope reading those pointers can help you incorporate the practices of (yin) yoga into your day or week and make a difference to your life. there are SO many articles online you can read about the benefits of yoga which i'd definitely recommend researching if yoga is something you'd like to take part in!

do you practice yoga? how do you make time for yoga in your life?

*written originally as a guest post for Health, Fitness and Beauty Blogger: Lucy Locket Loves. Click the link for more health and fitness inspiration.*

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