10 signs that you're a blogger

I've been in the blogging world for sometime now, although it's been very on and off there are still some tell tale signs that i'm sure many of you can relate to that just scream I'M A BLOGGER.

1. scribbling notes and ideas for your next post on any scrap bit of paper you can find
2. instagram ENVY, i mean ALL the style bloggers?! such pretty accounts!
3. learning to type at the speed of lightning!
4. having 1348358 tabs open to refer back to for inspiration, or to comment on or to pin on a pinterest board, or link in a weekly round up (you get my jist)
5. taking pictures of EVERYTHING, from morning coffee and breakfast, to flowers sprouting up on the pavement, to our child splashing in puddles, to our latest beauty purchase or costa coffee cup and red lipstick selfies which leads me to the next point on picture taking
6. waking up super early to take that perfect product shot or lipstick selfie in the morning sunlight
7. needing a tablet, laptop and phone to take part in one hour long twitter chat
8. being in 20 (more or les) Facebook groups for the purpose of blogging opportunities, ideas, instagram mastery, social media and post sharing etc etc
9. that frustrating moment when you get hit by a genius blog post idea in the middle of cooking dinner when you can't take notes!
10. lastly, but could quite well be my favourite i the fact that you're always on the look out for fun activities to do, new places to eat or drink, days spent outside in the garden or at a beach or park because it's great content for the blog!

If you're a blogger, can you relate to any of these?

10 signs you know you're a blogger

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