Week in Photos

I will never get tired of wasting afternoons on the beach, pottering around bare foot, splashing in the ice cold sea and generally feeling all the elements of the coast on our doorstep; above we have photos from Chesil beach (after a fun and adventurous road trip in a camper van, more on that to follow). I love this time of year as every where i go i see nature in bloom, bright pinks and yellows, the florists are thriving and i love having fresh flowers on display, i took a day trip to London where cherry blossom and trees were coming alive, it was a lovely sight to break up all the grey, i also killed a couple of hours in The Natural Kitchen at Waterloo. 
I also successfully attempted a chocolate cake in a mug, and despite my skepticism it actually works (simple recipe to follow soon!). This week i also popped down to my local bakery and grabbed a fresh loaf of sour dough bread which was DELICIOUS and didn't even last a day in our house. Lastly, a cheeky selfie taken after another productive Networking Mummies Meetup i hosted all about social media marketing. 

All in all another fantastic week, i quite like documenting them in this way as it makes me reflect on the little things and reminds me of how productive i've been. 
What have you been up to this week?

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