Being an Ambitious Woman

As a business owner, I'm often surrounded by like minded women, we inspire, collaborate and motivate each other, i like being around these strong influences in my life and am always looking for new business women to follow, read their stories and share their success with.
I was gifted a great book at christmas, and have been slowly reading the first few chapters. It's a book that is (so far), really resonating with me and has urged me to write a few words on being an ambitious woman....

Since going starting my own business i've faced a bit of negativity, scepticism and also spite and jealousy, and it makes me wonder, i CAN'T be the only woman who has faced this right? After reading just a few pages of LEAN IN, it becomes apparent that that's not the case, and i discover what i hoped wouldn't be true. It's obvious that 'ambition' is a dirty word for women. But why? Why can't we have it all? Why can't we have a family, and a meaningful career without having to sacrifice anything? 
I'm here to basically tell you, the person that's reading this post, whether you're a mother or not, just a fellow woman that you CAN have it all to, and you shouldn't let society, men, your friends, family or work colleagues make you feel that you can't. 
So many women feel the pressures of returning to work, finding balance, being a good parent, wife, partner or whatever it is that's important to you. But girl, you need to know that you have CHOICES. We're in a modern day where choices and options are everywhere for you, you just need to go out and find them. Discover your passions, know your talents and your worth, go out and combine that with what allows you to have a career, whatever that may be! If you're a mum, a single parent, an independent female or a working mum, follow your dreams and passions. Choose a path you want to follow, a ladder you want to climb and don't be half assed about it. Go FULL ASSED and KICK ASS.
Don't let society tell you that you're a bad mother because you chose work over staying at home, don't let anyone tell you that you're not worthy, and don't let society silence you. The world needs YOU. So go and chase your dreams and bang on the door until they answer.

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