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My office space is quite uninspiring right now, even on days when it's tidy, it's still a pretty boring place to sit for the morning or afternoon whittling away with business or blog stuff. I've actually moved to the dining table right by the window as the view from my flat is so green and inspiring but it's not practical at all. 

I try to stay organised with my folders and white board where you can see i've attempted a schedule which i haven't actually looked at since writing it! I also have a dream board (which definitely needs updating), which has got a bit neglected to the side of the table and often slips down between the wall and table. I have my diary to hand at all times otherwise i'm a nightmare remembering what i've scheduled, cannot live without that! You also don't want to see what's inside those green boxes, it's an unkempt pile or receipts, envelopes, random lip balms and STUFF. As you can see, i'm in desperate need of an office re-vamp and have been compiling pins for ideas and generally lusting over the perfect home office space, so i'm going to share a few of my favourites.

what i really love about this one is the lighting going down the side of the iron frame. which also is a fab organisational idea. the other great thing with Pinterest is discovering some amazing new blogs, the above photo came from a lifestyle and design blog with more great DIY home improvement ideas. click the link under the photo to discover more.
what is there NOT to love about this?! the tin can as a pencil/accessory holder, the seating, the cushion basket, the shelf and motivation wall art. *heart eye emoji*

i love the idea of being surrounded by nature, plants in the home have so many health benefits but they can also inspire creativity, i also love that they inject a bit of colour into a very monochrome space. once again, another great blog discovered here, click the link for more inspiration and posts.

last, but certainly not least i adore the oversized pixar style lamp and the patterned rug on this one. notice that chair has crept in again! a combination hybrid of these 4 office spaces would make my perfect work at home space, which i would actually want to work at!

if you work from home what does your office space look like? is it time for a revamp too? i'd also love to know your best productivity tips when working from home! leave a comment below.


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