henna: a natural alternative hair dye

having recently moved away and leaving my job at Lush behind, i made sure to stock up on some of their natural henna before i could no longer take advantage of the discount (heheh). 
throughout my adult life, my hair had been through A LOT; processing, straightening, colouring, just generally damaging. but since i decided to 'go natural' (have a read of that post HERE), i've decided to be a bit kinder to my hair, and so paying attention to the products i use. 
as well as being vegetarian, it's important for me to find natural, safe and cruelty free alternatives to every day beauty items.

what i love about henna is that it doesn't take the colour out of your hair, instead it coats each strand like a varnish, adding volume. lush mix their henna with cocoa butter so it also acts as a conditioning hair treatment. the colour is never predictable when you use henna, but it will always looks natural, giving natural highlights. it also gradually fades out so grey hair lines or new growth isn't noticeable.
i can't lie though, using the Lush henna bricks can get VERY messy (i won't go into details as you can find that info on their website https://uk.lush.com/products/marron). it's quite difficult for me to keep on top of the heating and stirring so i'd love to try another brand who have perhaps made it a bit easier! i've seen lots of alternatives in Holland & Barrett which i will definitely be using next time.

all in all, for me it's important to not only use a natural, safer alternative that won't strip my hair but actually improve the condition of it, but also supporting ethical companies and products which won't harm the environment.

i'm a bit of a henna novice, so would love to hear your experiences with a natural hair dye alternative. comment below if you've used henna before or am tempted to after reading this post!

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