A letter to my son

My dear boy,
You're now on the other side of 3, which you gracefully entered over the weekend. I reflect on the stages of your life so far, and the little boy you've become, but also the parents we've become.. 
I remember in your first year we celebrated each week, as each week gave us an exciting new stage and milestone, those now are far and few between but doesn't mean this age isn't as exciting.. you're no longer a lump attached to my arm, you're a proper little boy, a small and mighty human with endless energy, enthusiasm and passion for the world. You're funny, smart, adventurous, sensitive but never shy, you're inquisitive, brave, kind and with heaps of personality. You make me stop and see the world in a different way, soak in all the little things that I take for granted, you question everything as the whole world is new to you. and i realise although I'm an adult, the world in still new to me too: there's still so much i have yet to explore, and discover. you have reignited my passion for, well, everything. 

I want to write this letter to you in hopes that one day, when you're older and think you know everything, maybe you'll stumble across these words and never lose that childlike sense of wander. I hope you never stop exploring, turn over every leaf and stone not just around you, but discover yourself too. You've made us, your loving parents, discover ourselves. We've learned to be patient, nurturing, and understanding but also to be fun, frivolous and spontaneous. The next year's of your childhood will carve you and we hope to give you the best memories a child could ask for.

From your mother, who is learning and growing with you every day.

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