Why you should love chia seeds | chia seed recipes

Chia seeds, tiny but mighty little things. I've quickly grown to love them after reading up on their many health benefits and seeing them used in many a breakfast recipe. so here are my top reasons why you should love them too:

These are just a handful of reasons to love chia seeds, now here are my favourite uses for them:

add them to your breakfast bowl, i like them sprinkled on top of my porridge.

add a teaspoon to some natural yogurt and fruit jam.. my favourite go to snack at the minute!

Chai seed pudding, look at this gorgeous jar of deliciousness, when soaked in water or milk, the seeds puff up creating a rice pudding like consistency. I found this recipe on 'This Rawsome Vegan Life' HERE, it can be adapted to your liking, using coconut milk instead of water. I added honey, and coconut chips.

I've also found some fab recipes incorporating chia seeds, making it so easy to add to your daily diet:

Have you tried chia seeds before? Comment below your experience with them !


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