Reflections on 2015 & First Ever Giveaway

so i cannot believe we're already in the second week of January, i'm massively struggling to get back into a good routine after the festive break. finding myself staying in bed until gone 8 every morning, most of you would probably LOVE this but for me i'm so much less pro-active and find the day just flows by without getting much done. time to kick myself in the bum and rise much, MUCH earlier. 


so 2015 for me was, to put it lightly, a rollercoaster. in every aspect, i had the lowest of lows and really beautiful highs. like MOVING TO THE COAST, wahh i still have to pinch myself, but it definitely wasn't easy getting here.
i feel i've also grown up a HUGE amount.. i've gone through a re-birth have developed as a person, a mum, a business woman (not a blogger, i'm still working on that bit). and i know all of what i'm achieving now is just the tips of the iceberg, i've got a huge way to go and am embracing change, embracing the area outside my comfort zone, embracing balance and not being a workaholic. 
i already know i'm going to have lots to celebrate come December and i just can't wait to action all of my ideas and goals. 
what are your goals for 2016?


i'm really excited to be sharing this giveaway with you all! Since moving to the coast and having more time to work on my business i feel like i've had such a breakthrough. I've also been working on social media and marketing and finding more and more ways every day to reach out and connect with new people. For a long time i've been wanting to do a giveaway and it's something i knew you'll all LOVE.

just look at how gorgeous these brushes are! 
tbh i've never been much of a makeup addict, i was getting away with pretty minimal and basic maintenance, just a bit of mascara, eyebrows and blusher if i'm feeling pale. but since using and trying more of the sonya flawless range (which i should be doing really as i'm a brand ambassador for it) i'm starting to build up my collection and am so impressed with the brush kit. 

they come in a really cute purple case making it easy to carry if you're travelling. they're super soft and the quality is great, don't just take my word for it!

see review and original blogpost on the products HERE

even if you're not a makeup junkie, i know every makeup user needs a brush or two in their lives, and i'm giving away this whole set for FREE.

all you need to do to enter is head on over to my INSTAGRAM, follow me on there, like the makeup brush picture and tag a friend who'd love to win these two. for more entries head on over to my FACEBOOK and repeat! so there you go, an exciting giveaway and a quick reflection on 2015.

are you makeup brush hoarder? let me know in the comments

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