Getting out of a blogging funk

my blog is around two years old and i must admit that i really haven't given it the love and attention it needs.. sometimes i struggle to think of inspiring blog posts that i personally would want to read and am proud of, and then even when i have a million ideas i can't seem to find the motivation or time to write them. all this aside the blogging community is something that i love being part of and i can't ever imagine myself not having a little piece of the blogger cake.

any blogger will know how much time and dedication it takes and for no other reason than because it's important to us. it allows creativity in ways that we might not be able to express outside of the cyber world.

before i moved i knew that i wouldn't be returning to 'work' and instead focusing on a couple of businesses that have been getting off the ground but also being there more for my son.. i thought working from home would give me more time to focus in the things that i really enjoy, and believe me it does! but i think i didn't realise how much more attached to my writing and blogging i had to be for me to want to produce content to keep it going... since moving, although i've only published a few posts, i've met with other bloggers, as i love being connected with like minded people, like i mentioned before i want to have that blogger cake.
but i was really struggling with inspiration, completely neglecting the fact that i surrounded myself with such talented bloggers.. it's taken me a while, but i've had a bit of an epiphany, that this is something that i LOVE and i want to continue with, with that said though i can't really take myself seriously if i don't take my blog seriously!

 so basically what i'm trying to say is that i've been in a bit of a blogging 'funk'. i've been inconsistent and lacked drive but the thought of NOT doing this anymore crushes me. so this is a promise to myself that i'm going to work on this little space. i'm going to see opportunity everywhere to write new content and collaborate with other people too. i want my blog to thrive (and I'm also going to start a YT Chanel soon, hush hush)

i also want to say thank you, thank you to the blogging community who are ALWAYS (and I mean always) there. still growing and channeling creativity every single day. i know i have to immerse myself in it otherwise i'll just get forgotten and left behind... time to make my blog something to be proud of! so here's to getting out of a blogging funk, yay!

are you a blogger? do you ever get into a funk and lack inspiration to write? please say it's not just me!

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