Lou's Lou's Vintage Fair Bournemouth

if you've followed my blog for long you'll know i'm partial to the charity shop binge every now and then and can sniff out a vintage shop from a mile. so when i moved to Bournemouth i was delighted to find out that one of the largest vintage fairs in the UK is hosted at the Pavillion Bournemouth every month or so, what a DREAM.
so when the time came to visit Lou Lou's Vintage Fair i was a little bit like an excited child. 
the venue was perfect as the building itself has stayed true to the 20's style decor, from the lighting to carpets and drapes, it felt like we were stepping back in time. 

instantly greeted by neat rows of retro and vintage clothing, representing Britain's best vintage fashion stores. fur scarves, coats and ugly christmas jumpers galore. racks of denim, corduroy shirts and leather bomber jackets. it was a treat on the eyes.

there was even something for Corben! 

i got a bit nostalgic sifting through the vintage children and baby items, with Corben literally hanging onto my legs in a very typical toddler way. the toys and clothing were in great condition but i don't know if i'd want to spoil that by letting Corben wear any of them. 

leather satchels perfectly poised. what i loved about the whole fair is that the prices were actually affordable. a lot of vintage shops and even charity shops stick a huge price tag on something they know is sought after and has a bit of value. so props there to the different stall holders!

there were also some great handmade treasures like these teacup candles and decoupage stools. something quirky and different to kit your home out with.

lovely rockabilly style dresses, i own one of my own but not sure if i'm brave enough to rock this look every day, i loved seeing people head to toe in vintage though, very inspiring!

like a magpie i was also drawn to this twinkling table of broaches and very retro jewelry, some of it a bit 'Pat Butcher' style but fascinating nonetheless!

not only did the fair have plenty of vintage they also had local small independent business owners there representing their hand made gifts. these candles were the perfect treat for anyone this christmas, SO many scents to chose from i couldn't resist a good sniff. 

all in all it's a great day to spend an afternoon or morning. Corben was happy because there was even cake and what a delicious cake it was! 
you can find Lou Lou's Vintage Fair on facebook and see where the nearest fair is to you wherever you are in the country. i'll definitely be going back kin the New Year and would recommend to anyone who likes to shop vintage.

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