Juggling Motherhood & Business

i'm no wonder woman on this subject, it's taken a while for me to get where i am now but there's a few things i've learnt in my past year of business that i think would be of help to other busy business mums who find themselves struggling to fit everything into the day. since moving, my son spends every waking moment of the day with me until we send him to a nursery, so i'm learning to be better. so, in no particular order i'm going to list some tips and advice on what helps me manage my time, be more productive and generally cope running TWO businesses and being a full time mum... 

wow that's 11 tips to help you juggle motherhood and business! i didn't realise i had so much to say until i started writing it down. i hope this advice helps some of you out there struggling. what's your best advice for mums in business? i'd love to know!

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