10 BEAUTY uses for pure aloe gelly

so you may have heard of beauty uses for coconut oil (which i pretty much bathe myself in i LOVE it) but you can also harness the power of another well known plant.. known by Cleopatra herself. yes it's ALOE VERA, the benefits of this have been known for centuries but i'm just discovering some pretty cool uses for it in my beauty routines. aloe is a pretty cool plant, when you snap a leaf in half you'll find a clear gel which can be found in many lotions and potions and is known to be very soothing on the skin. the magical thing about it is that it can penetrate the skin to the dermis layer which makes it a super effective ingredient in skincare and beauty. 
i only use pure organic aloe which isn't available on the market, so here are MY personal favourite ways to use it:

those are my favourite beauty uses but i'm sure there are lots more, i use the gelly for pretty much anything in my household, along with coconut oil. it's replaced everything in my medicine cabinet. have you used aloe gelly before? what you be interested in trying a sample of this pure aloe gelly then i'd be happy to send you one in the post for free! or you can shop online

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