why you should shop independent this christmas | supporting small businesses

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i can't help it, i do love the lead up to Christmas; the cold nights, getting cosy, festive cheer, Christmas markets and rich colours associated with the winter time. whether you're a complete Scrooge or fanatic like me, there's no doubt gift shopping has crossed your mind.
from about October onwards is the busiest time of year for retailers.. trust me i've worked in high street retail and have seen Christmas from the ass end... never the less it's still my favourite time of year. 
this year for me however, will be slightly different to those before as i'm experiencing Christmas as an independent retailer, so i want to just bring something to attention: bear in mind the business owner in your life when gift shopping...you probably know at least one, you know.. that person that works from home, staying up till early hours in the morning working on creating their product or perfecting their brand. or it might be the person who's spent all day scheduling posts for their facebook business page even though it may only have a handful of likes. bear in mind that post graduate who's started their own business venture and wants to show the world what they can designy and create with their own hands. bear in mind that mum who's decided not to go back to work so she doesn't miss out those precious childhood moments, so she crams in crafts or business in between raising a child. or that person, who you may see constantly plugging their products onto social media, is just throwing their passion out there and hoping other people catch it.

to that person EVERY customer matters. every purchase means their hard work paid off. every order means they can spend more time doing what they love or spending time with who they love. the profit made doesn't just go into some fat cats back pocket.. it pays rent, puts food on the table. those are things that are real and a huge deal (maybe not to you), but even still would not be possible if a handful of people didn't support us independents.
 no we might not be able to compete with pound land or the leading supermarkets, especially when they come out with tear jerking fancy christmas ads. but you know, it's a fucking brave thing to do starting your own business venture, we know the tough competition out there but still have the balls to do what we love anyway because it's our passion and denying ourselves that would be quite frankly, a sin!

before i burst into a rant, here's just a few more reasons to support the little man:

this Christmas, challenge yourself to only buy gifts from small, independent retailers. that's what i'll be doing as i truly understand the importance of it.
 please leave in the comments your favourite independent retailers & on that note take a look at my personal website to browse and shop the range of products i'm an advocate of and take a look at my facebook business page for more info.

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