what I learnt from Sophia Amaruso's #GIRLBOSS

i was very kindly gifted this book by a good friend after months of having it on my wish list. it took me just 2 evenings to read and had my emotions all over the place, after i put the book down i felt the overwhelming urge to document what i learnt and how i felt afterwords. i've put them down into bullet points for fear of rambling, so have a read:

all in all, it did make me feel like i can conquer the world. for people like me who never seemed to stay on one track and didn't excel in education (not because we aren't clever but because we hated it), it shows that anything is possible, with a little fire in our belly and consistent hard work!
think it will be my go to book when i need some inspiration.
Have you read #girlboss? what did you think? 

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