a list of 31 things

taken from Bree West's blog as a good way to overcome writers block i've written down 31 things... since i fell off the blog wagon for the last 1243534 years i thought it would be a great activity for me to do (i also really like lists, so y'know)

1 waking up to the sound of seagulls is nice
2 thinking i need to create a schedule to keep my blog on track
3 actually i need a life schedule
4 i'm surrounded by post-it notes (see latest instagram post for proof)
5 enjoying having Corben around all the time
6 thinking how much i want to purchase all the teapigs tea
7 getting aloe deliveries makes me feel like christmas has come early
8 how much i'm enjoying getting back into blogging and catching up with unread posts
9 thinking i need to re-attempt backing donuts
10 considering opening a small etsy store to sell some odd crafty bits, i think i'd be quite good at it
11 wanting to meet more bloggers, or even arrange a christmas meetup, hmm
12 watching my facebook business page grow is super exciting
13 going to set up a youtube channel, oh gosh where do i start?
14 in the mood for pancakes
15 do i dare look at pinterest for some style inspiration?
16 i need to do some goal setting now that i'm legit working for myself
17 i'm trying to refrain myself getting into the christmas spirit too early
18 i'm in love with our new house and new town
19 definitely need more house plants and succulents, they're too cute
20 i love writing the weekly shopping list, i get excited about food
21 need to henna my hair again soon and just generally sort my birds nest out
22 excuse the TMI but corbens potty training is coming on so well yay
23 finding myself loving organising events, it's a little addictive
24 realising that motivation and inspiration is needed daily
25 why does making phone calls have to be so scary sometimes?
26 i'm broody for a kitten
27 need to be more productive with my time
28 feeling accomplished that i've finally created a vision board
29 loving how full my calendar is looking this month
30 instagram has become my biggest place for inspiration
31 wanting to buy out the whole of Grape Tree

i definitely feel a lot more unstuck after writing those down. i'm going to look back at them and see how i can make a few of those into blog posts. 
how do you overcome writers block?

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