the last lush haul

okay so the title may be a bit dramatic, but it's probably going to be a long while until i next purchase some more Lush products. but seeing as it was my last day as a lush employee on Saturday it would only be right to stock up on a few bits to take advantage of my discount. seeing as this will be the last for a while i thought i'd do a little blog post about it!

my actual stash is probably double the size of this in all honesty...

every year Lush releases it's Christmas range and Halloween a couple of months in advance, as soon as i saw this Deer tin i just knew it had to be mine. i've had a bit of a love affair with past lush tins as they're always so beautiful-y designed and this one is no exception. it's the perfect way to get me into the festive spirit, and here's what's inside...

a wonderful selection of golden treats. the magic of christmas wand is a re-usable bubble bar with a cinnamon stick handle, it is adorned with star anise and clove and has a gorgeous spicy scent. it is definitely one of my favourites from the christmas range. then Golden Wonder, the spectacular gift shaped bath bomb contains cognac and lime, it's so magical... i think i'll save this one until it's December. the Beautiful shower gel is also citrus, with apricot and a golden shimmer, it's zesty and refreshing. then there's Snowcake soap, a classic and old favourite of mine, it's so creamy to use and has a subtle fragrance, then last but not least the Karma Kream which is in the Karma range of patchouli and sweet orange oil, a fragrance i won't forget. and then i couldn't resist some additional bits that i would truly miss.

i'm not usually into the dusting powders, however this one shares the same fragrance as Celebrate body lotion, it's super citrus-y and has a snowflake lustre to leave the skin sparkly.. around the festive period i know i'll want to add a bit of shimmer to my life (which i usually don't need after a day working at Lush).

golden handshake is a hand mask, the way it works is you melt it into a nice big mug (just like those hot chocolate sticks), and indulge your hands with avocado butter and argan oil.. my hands are a bit worse for wear atm so i think they need a good bit of TLC with this product.

not the most exciting of purchases, but a tub this size lasts me at least a few months and i've fallen in love with it recently using it after every bath, making my feet really soft. it's bright pink and smells minty, it's really nice and rich and can't be without it (at least for now).

everyone in the world needs to experience this product, it smells SO beautiful; the main ingredient is honey followed by rosehip oil which is a lovely combination for dry skin. it can also be used as a shampoo as honey is great for adding moisture and shine to the hair. i'm going to have to use this very sparingly because i want it to last me as long as possible!

i first saw this soap at the Oxford Street grand opening, it was love at first sniff.. it was floral and sweet with elderflower and bergamot, it's everything i love in a soap, definitely worth a smell the next time you're browsing.

this awkward chunk of soap is the delicious Maypole, it smells just like a stick of rock with mint and canadian maple syrup.

this beautiful specimen is Outback Mate, it really is breathtaking in every way, the swirls in the soap look just like the ocean. it has a deep mint smell with eucalyptus (which i've recently discovered has many amazing health benefits, another blog post i've got waiting in my drafts).

okay, now for the good stuff, what Lush is most popular for - yes the BATH range, yay. of course i had to stock up on a few of my favourites as well as some christmas exclusives. firstly is the milky bar bubble bath which reminds me of those addictive powdery sweets (a bag of those for christmas would keep me very happy), it contains skimmed milk which is soothing, to me it smells quite floral but it contains orange flower and patchouli, and of course is topped with silver lustre.

this beauty is rose jam which is one of my favourite EVER lush scents, it will go perfectly with my rose jam shower gel (which i still have two bottles of, oops). it quite obviously contains rose, as a typical earth sign i love any floral scent so this i couldn't miss out on. it's sandwiched with cocoa butter which leaves the skin really soft.

yoga bomb, just wow. this slow fizzer has such an unusual scent, it's earthy and uplifting. as it unfolds it releases the different layers of colour along with some gold sparkles. this one i will save for a really special bath.

the sparkly pumpkin is back, last year i wasn't a huge fan but i guess my nose has changed and i can't get enough of it! the scent is really uplifting, containing juniper berry, lime and grapefruit, i'm already planning what to cocktail it with this Halloween.

this bomb right here is my favourite bath product. it was one of the first products i used from lush, it always makes me feel better when i'm a bit down or have a rare cold. it must be the bergamot's uplifting quality.. it smells like a hot mug of ribena and leaves my skin SO soft... i will always come back to lush for this one.

the epitome of christmas (in my opinion), it contains so much popping candy which crackles in the bath which will remind you of a crackling fire while you steam away in the bath. it contains cinnamon and orange as well as almond oil. it may be small but fizzes for a long time, i bought two because i just can't get enough of it. 

and last but not least, the wonderful Holly Go Lightly, the name is inspired by one of Audrey Hepburn's characters. it has a coat of silver lustre hiding the most perfect evergreen you've ever seen. it contains lime, clove, patchouli and orange. i quickly fell in love with this when it was first released last year. i think i'll be saving this one for Christmas eve. 

so that's it, i finally got to the end of my Lush haul! i'm so sad to be leaving after a whole two years of being a Lush employee, i've had my ups and downs but i've learnt so much and have grown so much as a person, i will truly miss everyone i've worked with but look forward to a new adventure and a new life on the coast. 

i'll also be looking for other suppliers of bath products, from salts to oils and of course bath bombs, to replace my lush addiction with.. if any of you would like to comment below on some other bath products/companies you love, i will for sure check them out.

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