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our big move is just around the corner and i'm full of ideas on how i'd like to style out each room. we've accumulated some great pieces over the past year, all second hand either from the nearest furniture charity shop, from relatives or even the dump, yes you can pick up some awesome treasures at the dump, we usually leave with more than we went in with! but as it's a fresh start i want to spruce things up and do it properly this time. at the moment, each room hasn't had a lot of thought put into it, it's more a random sporadic placement of things we sort of like. so i've gone back to my Pinterest boards for some inspiration on how each room can look and feel, i've tried not to be too unrealistic as we will be renting this new place and there's only so much we can do, but there's something i can take from each of these mood boards and apply to our new flat, to make it feel like a home by putting my stamp on it.


luckily there's already an open shelving unit which i plan to fill with jars upon jars of jams, herbs and perhaps a few teacups. i love the 3 tier stand to use for herbs and fruit, a great space saver as well i think. on the bottom right i'm in love with the hexagonal, bee-hive inspired shelves, i'm not sure if we'll have room in the kitchen for these but perhaps in the hallway, they're just too cute!


we have beautiful large bay windows which let's in a lot of light, so i want to keep our room as light as possible but still make it cosy by adding some soft rugs and knitted cushions or bed linen. i also love the open rail in the first photo but in our new flat we have built in wardrobes (which i'm super excited about, finally going to have enough space for mine AND matt's clothes, yippee). all these rooms have a plant which i think is a necessary touch, something i'd like throughout. i also love the ladder with the fairy\bulb lights against the mirror, i imagine this will make the room look a lot bigger too. generally i want to keep this room soft light colours, such as blues, beige, grey, cream and white with added touches of natural wood and plants. 


again, our new living room has a beautiful rounded bay windows which i think will be the perfect place for our dining table which will turn into my office space during the day. it also has a fireplace which i think will house some very tall candles just like the second picture above. we will have more floorspace, so i'd like to add some brown box cushions and additional bohemian style rugs. some more tall plants and i may crochet a couple more throw blankets, especially now we're coming into winter season.


the thing i'm excited about most is we're actually going to have en en-suite! what a luxury. i'm determined to make it a zen like retreat for the nights when i just want to fill the tub with steaming hot water and bubbles. it will still have to be practical for the morning routine but i really want to make it a place to let all my worries go. i think the hello gorgeous in a frame is a really cute message to wake up to in the morning. now that i'm no longer working at lush and get an amazing discount i'm going to have to save some pennies and plan to start making my own simple skin and body care, like face and body scrubs and lotions, i want to get some pretty packaging and have it all on display with my aromatherapy essential oils. 


now Corben's room, i think there's something really cool we can do here, seeing as we will probably be in this flat for a couple of years he's going to be becoming more of a little boy rather than a toddler, his imagination will be endless and i want his room to inspire him and fuel his creativity. i want it to be colourful and playful and a bit more grown up. i've been desperate to get a little tepee for him as he'd LOVE playing in that. i've also seen some fab washi tape ideas on pinterest which means i can decorate his walls without damaging them like the crosses above and some more DIY makes like the pom pom looking cloud. 


and lastly, the hallway is the first place you step foot into, i want it be bright and welcoming but practical as well. a shoe basket i think is a great idea as this saves so much space and i can just kick my shoes off without having to worry. then a simple coat rack and maybe a nest of tables would be handy for mail, keys etc. 

i really want to make more of an effort this time with our new place, as i believe the environment you're in reflects on who you are as a person and also your mindset. i want to be inspired on a daily basis and have the room to let my creativity flow, if we take time to get everything just right it will save us in the long term. just by being organised, day to day life will be easier and i can be proud of our little home and the memories we can make there with our new life by the sea.

you can find all these pictures above and more on my PINTEREST boards, they'll mostly be on HOME DECOR. drop me your pinterest links below, i'd love to follow some more home style boards.  

*UPDATE: our move went swimmingly, but our rented home is far from the glorious pinterest photos above, continues to day dream about perfect abode*

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