a BIG move

not even two years ago, i finally flew the nest... me and my two boys found a place to call our own. it's been a massive learning curve for us and a thrilling journey to have the freedom and independence we have all craved for so long. we have learnt to love every inch of this small abode but there's been something bubbling up inside us for a long time.
as a family, we thrive anywhere there's fresh sea air, miles of beach and greenery - each holiday to the coast would ignite a desire to embrace the coast life - until one day we decided to do exactly that. all it took was one job application and the rest is history; our little trio will be moving to sunny Dorset, Bournemouth to be precise. it's been a dream of ours for what feels like a lifetime and i'm so ecstatic that we're taking the plunge... it hasn't been an easy decision, especially for me as i've lived in the same town for nearly all my life. actually, as a teen i was attracted to the big smoke, the hustle and bustle of the city - but as my priorities changed, seeing my little boy love being outdoors, more specifically anywhere with sand, i knew somewhere by the sea we'd be most happy.
i believe a change of environment will be the absolute making of us, to be surrounded by beautiful scenery in what's becoming my most favourite place in the country will help us flourish as individuals and of course together.
i can't wait for late night walks on the beach, learning to surf, kayaking, discovering the 'Jurassic coast', meeting new people, finding our next favourite place to eat, searching for heart shaped stones and meandering through gardens..

so here's to the next adventure, a fresh start that i've been craving for so long, a life of happiness by the sea.

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