maille kind of night

last thursday i enjoyed an evening dotting around london in the typical english weather, enjoying not only the company of other bloggers at a great beauty event (watch this space for a post on that), but indulging in some interesting canape's and cocktails. the real twist was everything had a base of hot french mustard. maille launched their first UK branch in Picadilly, inviting a host of other journalists, bloggers and foodies.

we were served delicious canapes: biscotti, topped with walnut mustard spread sandwiched with gooey cheese. smoked ham, with a generous dollop of hot mustard. 

there's an mind-blowing range and variety, with surprising blends and flavours each designed to compliment your favourite dish. 

not only were we filled up on cocktails and canape's, we were taken through the science behind taste, more importantly, why mustard plays such an important role when it comes to flavours and food. he explained that any taste that we acquire that isn't sweet or fat, is learnt, we become accustomed and grow to like tastes that are bitter, or salty, and what maille does is bring those flavours out, encouraging us to become great cooks by creating memories and a journey with food just as the french intended and still do. 

but, the highlight of the show was the spoon tasting experience, you're given a spoon which has it's own memory, let me explain..

while taken through each mustard (and tasting of course) you're encouraged to 'tap' your favourites, this will light up and store which ones you favoured (which in my case, was ALL of them).....

then step over to the incredible digital typewriter, place your tasting spoon in the mustard pot, enter your details and suggested recipes with your favourite mustards will be sent directly to you.

thanks to this smart contraption and a lovely goodie bag from maille, i've got some great recipe ideas and fresh Sauternes mustard to start experimenting with my food. that was maille kind of night.

are you a foodie? will you be paying maille a visit for their spoon tasting experience?

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