handbag clear out: let me upgrade you

a bit of retail therapy never hurt anybody, in fact it did quite a good job of soothing my cranky soul. okay, so it's not often that i get to treat myself, and i really did go all out but a girl can only put up with accessories that are falling apart for so long.

i think you'll be surprised to know this shiny new ipad case is actually from poundland... i know right?!

my old purse i found in a trunk full or junk at a car boot sale has now had it's day. it served me well but i switched it up for a new one gifted by a friend.

also now that the weather is brightening up (in between the april showers), i've switched some normal moisturiser for SPF's, so happy to finally find lip care with an SPF.

you know that moment when your eyes light up and strangers can see them sparkling, well i had this moment when i laid eyes on that new bag. found in accesorize i gave myself an extra birthday treat. sorry Cath Kidston, you've had your day.

appreciating being able to upgrade my old items, ones that have served me well for years, i have really got my use out of them, i mean, that key ring you see above is twice corbens age... 

have you been swapping old for new in the essence of spring?
what's in your handbag?

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