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Let me introduce my new blog series: '5 minutes with inspiring people'. I'm going to be interviewing the people i've met either through social media or in my day to day networking and. These people are from all walks of life, from different places around the country but with one thing in common #entrepreneur-ship. Of all things i find totally motivational are people who have the determination and passion to succeed in whatever they do, these people make me want to keep going on my business venture and make me realise why i'm going off the beaten track and creating a better life for myself that isn't the 'normal' 9-5 job. Or even for those of you who haven't taken that path, this will hopefully motivate you and inspire you, either in your career or to better yourself as a person and find out what it is your passionate about.

I'm starting with a 5 minute chat with Lara Hall, a #girlboss in Network Marketing who i stumbled across after watching this video. A beautiful, smart and funny woman with plenty of ambition.

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Firstly just tell me a little bit more about yourself..

Describe what it is you do and how long you've been doing it.

I founded a brand called MotivateMe in May last year and essentially we help people to get healthy and reach physique goals. We also promote juice plus products which are an incredible range of health supplements. I had experienced personal health improvements as a result of taking the products so it was a natural move for me to then become a Juice Plus franchisee partner.

However I didn't just want to just distribute the product, I had a vision that I wanted to create a space for people to get free help and advice on health as well as free programmes, eating plans, recipes and general support and motivation. So teaming up with my fiancé who is a Physique competitor and fellow health freak we created various programmes for all kinds of body goals for both men and women of all levels. When our customers purchase the health supplements we provide them with a programme of their choice, recipe books, access to an online support group and provide mentoring to them to help them in their healthy journey - the best part is we do all of that for free. As the customer base grew so did the team and the business now has close to 150 team members and we've had over 1000 customers in the last 12 months.

As each new team member has joined the brand has developed. Whilst I did start the brand, it really has been a huge team effort to get it to where it is now and I am so privileged to have a really good variety of personalities and experience in the team to bounce ideas off. From health professionals such a personal trainers and nutritionists to performers and Mums on a healthy mission, everyone has had their input on the brand and how we can continue to inspire and help people as much a physically possible. We have also raised over £1500 for various charities through our fund raising and activities. Any opportunity to make a positive difference is something we are all passionate about.

I am now at the position of Qualifying National Marketing Director "QNMD" and very excited for what the future has in store for MotivateMe and the team.

Talk me through a typical morning for you on a business day

This is a good question! The thing is I don't consider to have 'business day's'. The nature of the business allows me to fit it around what I want to do and every day is different. However that being said, I am very much always on the go and I don't take days off very often, not even at the weekend. This may sound boring but it really doesn't feel like work as I genuinely love what I do.

My typical day will always involve catching up with my customers either via Whatsapp (I'm a big fan of voicenotes!) or a chat over the phone and then going through our customer support group and chat away to our members and maybe post a few recipes or photos of what I've been eating or share my work outs. I like to stay in good shape and I do see that as part of my 'work' as I know by me being consistent with exercise it will inspire my customers to do the same so I usually work out 4-5 times a week. I will usually share my work outs via social media and this can then spark conversations with new customers which I pick up on and off all day. I like to stay in close contact with the team so I have daily calls and Skypes etc with the team.

What was the biggest struggle you faced when starting out?

I never felt a struggle as such, starting the business and seeing it take off so quickly was exciting so I just rolled with it! The only tough part can be managing a work / life balance, this is something I need to improve on as I always seem to have my phone in my hand and I know it's irritating for my friends sometimes! It's like an addiction, I just love what i do!!!!

Who are your biggest supporters for you and your business?

I am very fortunate that I have a great network of people in my life and from the off my friends and family have supported me. The team inspire me and they are the reason I remain so ambitious as they support me in the vision I initially set out on. I also have support from some very loyal customers who continue to give me feedback and bring new ideas to the table. But above all my biggest supporter is my partner and soul mate Mark, he just supports me on every level possible and makes me feel like I can achieve anything.

What was the biggest turning point in your career?

At age 25 I quit my 9-5 working at a recruitment agency and set up my own recruitment business self employed. Looking back it wasn't a smart move as I actually hated recruitment, I was just in it for the money however becoming my own boss and running a business made me realise this is something I just had to continue with. I would never work for anyone else ever again.

Do you class yourself as an entrepreneur?

I don't class myself as an entrepreneur as I don't feel I've reached a level of success to be able to justify such a title. However I do think I have got entrepreneurial tendencies & I definitely have an entrepreneurs work ethic! I am confident that one day I will class myself as entrepreneur I'm just not there yet!

What do you enjoy most about your business?

I get to make people smile every day.

What advice would you give to someone who's thinking of or has just begun their own business venture?

Be relentless! Business is hard work and it has its ups and downs and it's having the ability to keep working and staying positive even when the chips are down that makes a true business woman/man! And be grateful! I am a huge believer in the power of gratitude and by doing daily affirmations of what you want to achieve along with acknowledging what you are thankful for is a powerful way to live.

Lastly, Who inspires you?

My partner Mark has an unbelievable dedication to his bodybuilding which is just incredible to watch, he really inspires me in fitness and health.
I am very inspired by the likes of Eric Thomas and Tony Robbins as I like that they came from nothing and against the odds found success.
But the two main people who have inspired me from a young age is my parents - both have an insane work ethic & extremely high standards in morals and values. As I have got older I have appreciated more and more the example they have set for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Lara, her sheer passion is such a joy to watch via her Facebook. I'm very grateful that i got the chance to find out more about her story.

Has this inspired you? What will your story be?

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