spring: the beginning of a new beginning

spring to me has always symbolised new beginnings, not in a religious way, but in the sort of mother nature's way. in spring i really connect with nature again, appreciating the colours that replace dark skies and sparse trees. the days get a little bit brighter and in the air is a sense of change. the months of coldness and darkness are ebbing away and this inbetween, not yet summer season, contains all the promise of good things to happen.

i'm hoping this change of season will be a significant turning point for me, i have a new direction, goals and dreams that are far bigger than i've ever dreamt before. i've come to a fork in the path that i'm on, and i know whatever decision i make now will have huge impact on, not just my present, but my future... now that gives me a lump in my throat, because i'm usually a creature of comfort and habit; i like having routine and security. but i'm going to make the effort to move from my comfort zone and change my habits. i'm going to feel the fear and do it anyway.

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