how to achieve healthy hair skin and nails

when it comes to maintaining general appearance, it's always best to start from within: my main tips would be: drink plenty of water, caffiene free tea, pay attention to what you eat and of course i start every morning with a shot of aloe gel... let me tell you why:
water will flush out toxins from the body and keep the skin looking plump, it also reduces headaches from dehydration. i've been getting on great with Bobble water bottles, making regular tap water taste great but also filters out any nasties floating in there.
tea, oh tea. tea has SO many health benefits, it comes in many varieties, but pure green tea or teapigs matcha tea are great antioxidants.
Forever's aloe drinking gel is the most potent on the market, it is a natural cleanser which aids digestion, increases metabolism and enhances the immune system.

keeping on top of that ensures my health is top notch, then i can focus on what i'm using topically to take care of my hair, skin and nails.

i'm a huge fan of the hair masks by Lush, the founder of the company Mark Constantine was a trichologist (aka hair doctor) before he created Lush and so i'm very confident that he knows what he's doing with the haircare range. and so the hair treatments are a great way to add protein, natural lustre and shine to the hair *cough* without synthetics which are used in other well known hair brands *cough*. also, because i have afro carribean hair, i can't really go a day without adding some sort of oil or serum to the ends so i use pure coconut oil (which you can pick up really cheap in the supermarkets).

as for nails, anything Sally Hansen is a life saver. i would really recomend the daily nail treatment above, it's very potent but gives my nails a nice shine and protects them from daily wear and tear. i've also been using a cuticle oil as it's important to keep the cuticle and nail bed healthy.

those are my top tips and favourite products to keep my skin glowing, hair growing and nails strong!
do you keep on top of your health?

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