a tea appreciation post

if you're one of those tea haters (not that i believe in those), you've ended up in the wrong part of the internet where people like to appreciate and express their love of tea.. so if you're not one of those people that enjoy browsing endlessly upon the supermarket tea aisle like a much loved past time, piling up the endless sachets, packets and boxes up in a basket, then i suggest you skip this post..

now, without breaking into a sonnet, i'm going to share some (yes only some as we could be here all day), of my favourite teas along with their health benefits.
starting with:

green tea, and also matcha green tea come with many wonderful health benefits: drinking just one cup a day (free of milk and sugar) can flush out toxins in the body, it's a great antioxidant you see. as well as increasing metabolism, especially if drank first thing in the morning. 

this delicate tea doesn't just taste great with a teaspoon of honey, it works wonders before bed. with it's calming properties it acts almost like a sedative, making you relax and feel slightly drowsy especially if you purchase a more potent blend. i have a cup of this when i really want to switch off in the evening and get a long night's sleep.

pukka is a great tea brand, i've tried a few of their different blends in the past but i'm not much of a fan of the liquorice root they tend to put in there. however, this 'night time' blend works wonders and the taste is a little different to a normal chamomile, although it works just as wonderfully for when you want to rest your head and put your feet up, switching off for the evening.


now, if you spend much time with me you'll soon learn that earl grey is by far my favourite tea, i'm at a point now where i can't remember what 'normal' tea tastes like, this is my everyday brew. it's not supposed to be drank with milk or sugar, but it tastes great even so. which is what i love about it, depending on my mood i can have strong dark cup of earl grey straight, but when i fancy something a bit more smooth and sweet, a touch of milk and sugar satisfies.

this one is a recent discovery, and twinings have released quite a few more 'exotic' whole leaf teas which i'm sure i'll get round to trying very soon. this has got to be my favourite chai blends i've come across in bag form. however i would still chose a powder mixture over the bags, i've also come across this great recipe for a DIY home-made chai latte.
also pictured right at the top in the jar are another new discover which is my little guilty pleasure 'ceylon with vanilla', it's almost chocolatey a really guilt free way of satisfying a sweet tooth.

i would always reccomend whole leaf teas, they are always more potent and, for me, make tea far more enjoyable, a little bit more indulgent for when you've got time to curl up with a favourite mug and read a book or in my case have a little 'me time' while Corben naps...

pick a perfect tea moment, stick on the kettle and gaze patiently from the window until it steams. chose a bag or a blend and let it brew. give it time, let the leaves unfold and let the colour darken. pour it out, add a dash of honey, maybe cinnamon, milk and sugar, inhale the fragrance and try not to dive in. that first sip always conjures an involuntary *ahhh* of relief.

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