why everyone should keep a journal

us bloggers usually refer to our blog as an online journal, something that's personal and unique to us but can also be read by anyone on the internet, because of this not all of us feel comfortable writing about hugely personal topics, or how we feel on a day to day basis isn't relevant to our blog and our readers. which is why i also have a personal journal, this contains some of my biggest secrets, recurring thoughts, dreams, wishes. things i don't want everyone to know!

sometimes i just want to write for the sake of writing without having to impress anybody, just to express my inner most thoughts and vent a little. which is why i think having one is a bit like chicken soup for the soul. it can be healing and introspective, simply writing down thoughts. thoughts contained within pages which may not ever be looked upon again.

with my journal, i like to make it creative, i have pictures and stickers and glitter bits, it's a bit like a scrap book that's built upon little by little. it's a place i can be totally honest with myself yet creative and incoherent at times too because i don't have anyone checking every word.

i always say writing things down, whether it's ideas, feelings, thoughts frees up space to learn more, grow more, think of better ideas and deal with bottled up thoughts and feelings.
for bloggers, writing is not just a hobby but a passion, it's this passion which should be transferred to real paper as therapy, to comfort but yet explore. 

why don't you own a diary?

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