creating a visualisation wall

being limited for space in our flat means that, although i dream of a home office that's light and bright and visually inspiring as well as productive, i have to settle for my dining table. which is a makeshift family meal spot as well as business hub.
i was getting a bit tired of staring at a blank wall so i decided to get the scissors on one of the most aesthetically pleasing magazines i own and used a bit of help with cellotape. 

i've heard that visualisation works a treat for keeping goals at the forefront of the mind, it's also proven that people who visualise their goals are more likely to achieve them. so i created a kind of visual wall. something i look at that has meaning to me and inspires me.

family photos, quotes and pictures of the things i aspire to own. and places i look forward to go to.
there are lots of photos i want to add to this, and plenty more things i aspire to, that i'm working toward every day.

why not get cutting and sticking your favourite magazine to create something visual?

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